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This is a page for all rival mods made for Yandere Simulator. 1 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 2.0 1.1 Credits to:Edit 1.2 Added 2 The Real Rival-chan in the school by Lana Rose 3 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 4 Rivals Mod By Mr Karismatic 5 Rivals Mod By: Lana Rose 6 Rivals Mod:The Minor Improvements Update by: TaroSans01 7 Rivals Mod by MadPie 8 Not Another Rivals Mod By. Seijuro is an ordinary yandere high school girl, Every week, a new girl will fall in love with your Senpai (Asuna), the Wrong End is a thriller visual novel in which you decide what action to will determine the course of the story of yandere, Take the role of Seijuro, meet your lovely neighbor Nanase and discover the truth in this Visual Novel.

Yandere Simulator (2014)

If you have ever played Yandere Simulator, you should know what you have from the Yandere Simulator mod. For amateurs to yandere, you will take a second to see the luck from this. Yandere appearing in Japanese culture is a violent possessive woman. She will kill her lover to hold other women or even men. You surely will enjoy this best running game on yandere simulator mods. Help yandere simulator juego to skip all challenging levels. I hope to Enjoy with yandere simulator the real game it's 100% free and you can share this game with your family and your freinds. Play Now yandere simulator 2018 and try to complete it if you can, Enjoy! The game is pretty bloody because your heroine isn’t just in love, she is obsessed with the guy. She also has a strange psychic condition called the Yandere girl symptom that makes her excessively violent and unsociable, especially when she feels someone is ‘threatening’ her.

So if you are apart of my discord server, you have probably seen all this XD. A while ago i decided to make some hair edits for male rivals (My take on them rather then using the ones from the male rival introduction video). Later i thought that i might as well make a male rival mod. After a long wait i finished it. It is probably one of my favourite mods of mine.
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hbg6v5dp2tw1ttn/Male_Rivals_Mod.rar/file
-Hair edits (Except Hanako's) by Me
-Hanako Hair Edit by Pegasus
-Delinquent uniform bundle (for Osano) by Torin
-Megamo uniform texture by Profi Gejmer
-All other textures by Me
-Bundles by Balloni and RogerTheCuteCat
-Male Hanako Hair + Hat design by Lucfu
-Help from RogerTheCuteCat, Profi Gejmer and Torin
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIjYIsv3Bjk
Discord Server link: https://discord.gg/DrU3dnp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/reubenthepig080?l..
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/reubenthep..
Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/14008769..
Outro Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAUzH0_RxKA&t=11s

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Yandere Simulator game is a stealth action video game about a girl who is obsessed with a guy and secretly eliminates everyone who falls in love with him. At the same time, she retains the image of an innocent schoolgirl. You can download Yandere Simulator and play it on the Windows platform.


In the Yandere Simulator online game, we have a classic scheme. Yandere-chan Ayano Aisha is crazy about her senpai, which can be of any gender, but insidious rivals are not asleep. They are continually trying to take away the chosen one of our characters. And not only are they beautiful, besides that each also has their own set of qualities that can potentially tip the scales in their favor. Therefore, our poor Yandere girl continually has to play in a different field. But not everything is so gloomy: there’s help from info-chan and all kinds of clubs. Our maniac turns the situation in her favor, but if you can't win in a fair game, a katana in the back or an accident in a drama circle can always help urgently.

Gameplay and Technical Part

Playing Yandere Simulator for free, you have to be creative with murders because cruelty harms the character's mental health, which will lead to inevitable failure. Only a set-up accident has a positive effect. We must not forget that our little girl is a real introvert that tolerates the criticism of others very severely, and meeting face-to-face with her love, Ayano, gets lost. Everything falls out of her hands,ending the adventure. But the ultimate cuteness of free Yandere Simulator justifies all ten weeks of suffering and showdown with rivals that include even her best childhood friends.


The technical side of the Yandere Simulator online is improving with each patch, and YandereDev sometimes releases them a couple a month. Music and sounds are quite pleasant, and the connection with the community helps move the game in the right direction. It has a lot of interesting, fascinating characters and many activities besides the witch hunt. Play Yandere Simulator and see where the unraveling individual stories may lead you. There are many unexpected corners of the academy and the city that will let you experience real horror and even allow you to get into a ghostly world. In addition to the sandbox, there are missions in which the info-chan makes a tip to a particular victim.

As for the question of how to play Yandere Simulator, you can use the gamepad and the keyboard. The controls on keyboard and mouse are pretty standard: mouse — control the camera, F or E — attack or action, WASD is for run or walk, and QTE is for fighting certain characters. It is a standard set for Yandere Simulator play. One chat 4.2 engine.

Yandere Simulator Download: To Do or Not to Do?

Yandere Simulator Love Mod Download Utorrent

Although many people may not like the game at first, after playing a while, you will definitely be drawn into this universe. All this school showdown is intriguing. The atmosphere in the game perfectly catches the transition from cute things to a complete bloodbath. I don’t think that the game can scare anyone, but for children it’s better not to play it. In general, the game is exciting. Furthermore, Yandere Simulator free download is available.


What is the main goal in the Yandere Simulator game?

Yandere Simulator Love Mod Download Mediafire

Eachweekthe main character willhaveanewrivaltoeliminateuntilFridayeveningwhensheconfessesherlovetoTaro, andheacceptsherfeelings. Youhavefiveplayingdaystoeliminateeachopponent (Monday-Friday). Duringthistime, youneedtimetokill them, substituteorviceversa, makefriendstheresultisessential.

How to download Yandere Simulator?

Yandere Simulator Love Mod Download Apk

You can download the game to your PC from the official website. There are two ways to get it. Users can download Yandere using launcher or Wordpress Blog. You can visit the official website for all details of the downloading and installation process.