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A Yandere Simulator (YS) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Mebamaster. Manual Download. Sign up to access this! Sophia93 Joined 3y ago. Download YouTubers Mod for Yandere Simulator. Openload - September 16th Minor Improvement Build 2019. September 15 2019 Build. This is a page for all rival mods made for Yandere Simulator. 1 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 2.0 1.1 Credits to:Edit 1.2 Added 2 The Real Rival-chan in the school by Lana Rose 3 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 4 Rivals Mod By Mr Karismatic 5 Rivals Mod By: Lana Rose 6 Rivals Mod:The Minor Improvements Update by: TaroSans01 7 Rivals Mod by MadPie 8 Not Another Rivals Mod By. Yandere Simulator Mod Apk The Yandere Simulator mod is a fun arcade game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. This is because the mod features some cool and exciting features such as hidden notes, special dances, and more. But most importantly, it also features the game’s story, which is based on the manga series, “Yandere Simulator.”.

Yandere Simulator Org. If you would like to join our community, visit discord.gg/yandere and read the #read-me channel for instructions!

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Population Mod 2.0 by Osana. She has a large bust size of 2.

This mod was super freaking HARD though!! - Osana Najimi Simulator (Türkçe), Yanvania Mod For Yandere Simulator, THE OSANA NAJIMI SIMULATOR Yandere Simulator, YOU'RE SUCH A BAKA - Osana Simulator Mod by Monsterette ������ ️������, LE MONDE DE OSANA NAJIMI, LA PREMIÈRE RIVALE ! Satanism Club Yandere Simulator (#85.

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Special mention goes to Monsterette's mods, many of which morph the school to a specific theme (such as an official rival). share. (Baka People to Death) Yandere Simulator: Rival Mods I found a bunch of Yandere Simulator Rival mods to play with!! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Methods. Yan sim myths is a Kubz Scouts series where we debunk myths, do challenges, answer questions and just have a fun time r/yandere_simulator: A subreddit for Yandere Simulator! User account menu. Comments 13.

7_Mode customisé. Ton visage tourne au rouge ! This video is unavailable.

Tweet . Quelle est la plus grande diaspora au monde. - Yandere Simulator Mod FR #41, Yandere Simulator ������OSANA WILL WIN SENPAI BECAUSE OF THIS������ Yandere. brave and denial. Dec 23, 2016 - yansim yandere simulator rival imouto osana chan sims 4 mod hair cc download sims4. Yandere-skins. 23 votes, 13 comments. ★ Mp3 Monde Sur Mp3 Monde, nous ne conservons pas tous les fichiers MP3, car ils figurent sur des sites Web différents, sur lesquels nous recueillons des liens au format MP3, de sorte que nous ne violions aucun droit d'auteur. This is a subreddit where fans of Yandere Simulator can gather to discuss the game in peace, without having to see any posts about drama. Hey guys,i'm working in a mod,on octomber 16th 2016 build,i used kgftbz pose mod,it didn't work,does any of you guys have the old kgftbz's pose mod,if you do,send me a link to download it. adorable by Es05L2k5sl. Mods.

This mod added Osana in the game,with: no fun girl abd no bugs everything works perfectly(100% works perfectly) this mod only works in March 8th build 201. i found a bunch of yandere simulator rival mods to play with!! :D Yandere simulator mod sora 100 000 abonnés français ( fr ) _____. Les differents mods ! A la merci d'un homme d'affaire pdf ekladata. The amount. Dismiss Visit. Escape From Fun Girl HORROR MOD (link in desc.) Yandere Simulator contains mature content, and should not be played by children.

Hanako yamada simulator mod for yandere simulator download.

Some features are currently missing or unfinished. 6_Mode sans fin.

Yandere Simulator Improvements Mod Downloads

Watch Queue Queue. Make Knowledge Accessible to Anyone. 4. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the yandere_simulator community. 1 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 2.0 1.1 Credits to:Edit 1.2 Added 2 The Real Rival-chan in the school by Lana Rose 3 Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 4 Rivals Mod By Mr Karismatic 5 Rivals Mod By: Lana Rose 6 Rivals Mod:The Minor Improvements Update by: TaroSans01 7 Rivals Mod by MadPie 8 Not Another Rivals Mod By … Hey guys,i'm workingon a mod,and i need a boy shirtless uniform texture leave the texture.

gentle and loves to cook.


Yandere simulator improvements mod download torrentYandere Simulator Improvements Mod Download

Yandere Simulator Mods Monsterette Download, Shorte St Bot 2018 Apk Download, How To Erase Downloads From Android Tablet, Download File In Javascript From Ur. Couleur peinture carrelage salle de bain.

II Love Simulator.

youtu.be/eoas36.. 3 comments.

Share to. ate her before she can confess her love to him on Friday! You Might Like .

how would you describe yourself ? Journal. Download Pool Party - Yandere Simulator mod: mega.nz Download Pool Party - Yandere Simulator mod; mediafire.com Download Pool Party - Yandere Simulator mod; Read More → January 10th Bug-Fixing Build 2020.

Link: Yandere, Higurashi, Future Diary by sonicarchiefan45. Yandere Simulator Mods in 2017 (Monsterette Edition) #2 The golden age of Yandere Simulator Mods Mods by Monsterette: Love: Happy Valentine's Day!! Yandere Sim Mod Song gratuit mp3 musique!

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Yandere Simulator Mods Download Pc

  • Title: Yandere Simulator
  • Category: Role Playing, Romance
  • Developer: YandereDev

Download from Official ZIP / Yandere Launcher (Windows only)

Yandere Simulator can be considered a stealth, action game, in development by YandereDev. The game is currently being developed in Unity, and is slowly being updated on a month-to-month basis, with the amount of new content varying.

The premise for the game is you play as schoolgirl, Ayano Aishi, who’s nicknamed Yandere-chan after the Japanese term “yandere”. Yandere refers to a girl (mostly) who is willing to harass, harm, or even kill due to their romantic attachment to their crush. This term takes its form in gameplay by having the player control Yandere-chan, who must eliminate any and all girls who might show an interest in “Senpai”.

Date: Jan 17, 2017
Filename: YandereSimJan17th-2017.zip (791.2mb)
Download from MEGA

Date: Sep 12, 2016
Filename: YandereSimLauncher.exe (Download Launcher)
Download from Google Drive

Date: July 13, 2016

Filename: YandereSimJuly13th.zip (721MB)
Download from Google Drive

Date: June 6, 2016
Filename: YandereSimJune6th.zip (791MB)
Download from Google Drive

Latest version: May 7, 2016

Filename: YandereSimMay7th.zip (733MB)
Download from Google Drive

Latest version: May 2, 2016
Filename: YandereSimMay2nd.rar (584MB)
Download from MediaFire

Latest version: April 15, 2016
Filename: YandereSimApril15th.rar (584MB)
Download from MediaFire

  • If Yandere-chan giggles, and an NPC hears the giggle, but can’t see Yandere-chan, the NPC will become curious and will walk over to investigate the source of the mysterious giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students’ bodies to tilt at extreme angles if Yandere-chan spoke to them while standing at a significantly higher or lower elevation.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to peek into Info-chan’s room by pressing their smartphone camera up against the door.
  • Fixed animation bug that would occur if a Hero performed a takedown on Yandere-chan while she was near Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the mysterious laptop girl’s text to remain oscreen after the end of her speech.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to wear gloves with her sixth uniform.
  • It is now possible to join the Gaming Club and activate their Club Benefit.
  • It is no longer possible to kill Senpai with a Falcon Punch.
  • Added a “Stats” screen to Yandere-chan’s phone.

Latest version: April 4, 2016
Filename: YandereSimApril4th.zip (719MB)
Download from Google Drive

  • Fixed bug that was causing students to get stuck on pillars while walking near walls.
  • Added new phone artwork for the pause screen and cut-scene where Yandere-chan meets Info-chan.
  • Changed pause screen menu so that it uses a grid of phone icons instead of using a text menu.
  • Fixed bug that caused a whistle to appear around girls’ necks in their Student Info portraits.
  • Fixed camera-clipping issue near the bulletin boards that display club posters.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck on the cardbox box / desks in one of the hallways on the third floor.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to get stuck if the player pulled out their smartphone camera as a delinquent was approaching.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the button prompt icons in the basement to not leave the screen when Yandere-chan walked near them.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to escape a delinquent by laughing as the delinquent was approaching.
  • Added support for 4:3, 5:4, and 16:10 monitors.

Latest version: March 17, 2016
Filename: YandereSimMarch17th.zip (707MB)
Download from Google Drive

  • Changed the hair color of the corpses at the title screen.
  • Added fire extinguishers to the school.
  • Removed the “Warning” scene.

Latest version: March 5, 2016
Filename: YandereSimMarcstrongth.rar (562MB)
Download from OneDrive

by Strawberry-Guro