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Yamaha CS1x (1996) Rompler Synthesizer 61 keys: 32 voices, 480 samples at 16 bits and arpeggiator. Wavetable based on traditional XG sounds with resonant digital filter. Listen to audio demos or read the full review. The CS1x Has one of the first synths appear as synth techno. It's a bit of prcurseur the number of machines come APRS ( CS2x, AN1x, CS6x, Groovebox, etc.) He has an arpeggiator, but effectively restricted from what is done now. YAMAHA CS2X SAMPLES The second generation of the popular CS1x synthesizer is back in a bold and bright new Analog Modeling synth – the CS2x. Many new improvements and enhancements have been made. Polyphony has doubled to 64 voices and there’s 16MB of sampled waveforms! There are 64 resonant 24dB filters!

The difficulty in recreating a track in every detail, is not only playing the notes or chords, but finding the correct sounds and effects to make it as similar as possible to the original keeping its authenticity… this is the real challenge!

My covers are completely created from scratch, in some cases I have to sample some sound from the original song (when I can not find anything similar to the original sound) and when that happens, I write it in the description of the cover video. To create these covers, in addition to the sound of my Yamaha CS1x, I use other VST synthesizers.

My main goal is to get as close as possible to the original by giving similar emotions and to make remember the great movies and the magnificent songs of the past. I really like the video editing, photography and graphics. The videos of my covers are not “LIVE”, I prefer to create music videos that recall the original atmosphere of the music videos or movies, which I’ve always liked to look at as a child. Also, having only one videocamera and having to make more video shots for instrument, I would still be impossible to make an video “LIVE”. I hope you can appreciate the effort and passion I put into making these videos/covers 😉

You can watch the videos of my covers by clicking on the images or to my Youtube channel:

To better appreciate my videos and my covers, I recommend you watch them on a screen with a resolution of at least 1920×1080 and with a good sound system (or good quality headphones).

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All the original songs and logos belong to their respective owners. Mine are only recreations/reproductions to pay tribute to these timeless masterpieces (graphic and musical), only for passion, non-profit. Red carpet.

CS1x-Edit is the first program for Windows to administer the Yamaha CS1x Control Synthesizer through your PC. Generally it is a solution for 3 main tasks: 1. Edit your own Performances with the 'Performance Editor'. An easy-to-use interface provides access to every parameter of a performance. You have all parameters at one glance and the changes you make are instantly audible.
The 'Utility' allows to set the system-parameters of the CS1x. Set up the controller assignments the+midi+channels etc. Manage the 'preset' and 'user' bank+of performances in the main window The 'Control+Panel'. In every window you have the possibility to load and save the respective data as a System-Exclusive *.syx or as a midi *.mid file. Moreover CS1x-Edit offers high flexibility regarding sending and receiving the data to and from the CS1x via MIDI.
Additional Features are
- 'Mouse Keyboard' With your mouse you can play notes to listen to your current performance. This is especially useful if your synth is not on your desk. Also the 'hold' function lets you easily browse through the material voices while creating a new performance.
- Automatic recognition of the device number. Additional support for multiple CS1x .
- Realtime+controls like the knobs scene switches etc. are fully accessible within the 'Control Panel' and reposition themselves automatically if evoked from the synth.