Wargame Red Dragon Ash And Shadows Not Working

A bizarre mod name, but I'm not really good at this.
  • Jun 05, 2020 No new game changes, just an update to the auto-installer so it works after the recent game patch. The underlying NDFfile is from v2.48.1, but this could be swapped for the file from 2.49.1 if you only want to play the second korean war campaign and don't care about multi-player.
  • Ash and Shadows Mod: A look at an original mod for Wargame Red Dragon Message par Seanarchy ยป Dim 6 Mars 2016 17:09 Now I have been playing this mod for a little while and I decided it needed a little spotlight due to the hard work the modders put into it.

Wargame: Ash and Shadows Ash and Shadows is a mod featuring an increased prevalence of stealth units (according to the W:RD gameplay trailer, its pronounced 'Steeelth'), adjusted unit balance, changes to radar AA and SEAD and a time-frame moved forward to 2015. Overlord voracity mp3 free download.

What I always wanted, is a more modern like Wargame. Cold war is also interesting, but I find modern warfares also interesting. My mod changes models of Cold War units, to more recent units without affecting stats.
Why 'without affecting stats'?
There are already many mods out there, which changes stats and models at the same time. The only problem: You can't play multiplayer correctly(bugs, compatibility problems,..). My mod only changes names and models of units, which won't affect gameplay in multiplayer.
Will there be custom skins?
I will have to learn this, but I can only start learning next week, the mod could be released before, but in a beta stage. I'm also grateful if users could send custom skins. I do only accept contemporary skins(so please no red colour skin or any exagerated skins).
There will be a list of units which have been modified. Ignore the numbers unless you want to know, which number the model appearence has. Modders will understand
List of nations with new vehicles done:
Germany- Incomplete
USA - Incomplete
France - Incomplete
URSS - Incomplete
China - Not in work yet

(v12575 compatible) http://www.mediafire.com/download/v2pb7vo9u3mzifw/WargameModernWarfare.zip

Wargame Red Dragon Skins

-Updated to 19512
-Added USA
-Updated some unit names
-Changed FRA Recon Heli and USSR Mi-8AV
-Updated some icons
-Updated to 12575
-Alpha Jet E now Super Etendard
-Updated to 639
-Replaced Etendard to Alpha Jet E
-Replaced Mig 21SMT to Su-24
-Renamed Su-24(Anti-Radar) to Su-24MP
-Added USSR
-Added France and Germany
-First release


Why didn't you include other factions?
If anyone makes a request, I will do the requested faction.
Which tool did you use?
Wargame Modding Suite
Will units be stronger?
No, because, like I said beofre, it won't affect gameplay.
Why are the names still unchanged?

Wargame Red Dragon


Wargame Red Dragon Mods

You probably use another language. If so, the correct name will appear instead of the modded one. Make sure to play it in English
Does this mod cause a desync while playing multiplayer?
I'm not sure about this one. I tested it several times, and I got some problems. My friends were playing with me, but after some time, it seemed that their units weren't moving. I asked them, and they said that my units didn't move. Otherwise, it works sometimes fine. I suppose it is a problem with the servers, not with the mod.
Why do planes carry other weapons?

Wargame Red Dragon Ash And Shadows Not Working In The Dark

Wargame Red Dragon Ash And Shadow Mod

To change the weapon appearance of a certain aircraft, I fear that it could result in an incompatibility for multiplayer. Having no idea if it affects multiplayer, I don't touch the weapon models of a certain modified aircraft.