Ubiquiti Controller Download Mac


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I’m running a UniFi network here with wireless access points, the Security Gateway and a PoE switch. It seems to be a robust system and is almost certainly overkill, but reliability is high on my lists after bad experiences with a NetGear WiFi router.

The UniFi system software is called the Controller and runs on a various operating systems. As I have a Mac mini here, I decided to run it on there. Weirdly, however it runs as a GUI application which means that I have to be logged in. There’s no need for that though as by scouring the Internet I discovered that we can run it headless via launchd.

Ubiquiti free download - Ubiquiti UniFi, Ubiquiti airMAX AC Toolkit, Ubiquiti MAC Address Changer, and many more programs. Introducing the UniFi Network mobile application. Use the UniFi Network app to: - Access the UniFi Controller to manage entire networks of devices while on the go. Provision an UniFi Access Point (AP) for basic functionality without configuring an UniFi Controller.

Ubiquiti Controller Cloud

Firstly we create /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.unifi.controller.service.plist. This file has to be owned by root with group of wheel:

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC '-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN' 'http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd'>
<string>exec '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java' -Djava.awt.headless=true -Xmx1024M -jar /Applications/UniFi.app/Contents/Resources/lib/ace.jar start</string>
Ubiquiti Controller Download Mac

This is a fairly standard launchd plist file file. However, the controller software is written in Java, but as Ubiquiti no longer bundle a copy of Java, we need to install our own copy of Java 8:


(You may need change the path to where your Java 8 is installed.)

Ubiquiti Unifi Software Download

This means that when Ubiquiti updates the bundled Java, our service continues to work. We also need to set the working directory to the Resources directory of the app bundle as it doesn’t work otherwise…

Update: Since this post was written, Ubiquiti no longer bundle Java, I have updated appropriately based on the comment from Wade Gibson.

Secondly, we install the service:

Ubiquiti Controller Download Mac Os

Now, the Controller is always running and we can access it on https://localhost:8443 and manage our UniFi network to our heart’s content!

About the App

  • App name: Unifi Controller
  • App description: unifi-controller (App: Unifi.pkg)
  • App website: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Updates-Blog/bg-p/Blog_UniFi

Install the App

  1. Press Command+Space and type Terminal and press enter/return key.
  2. Run in Terminal app:
    ruby -e '$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)' < /dev/null 2> /dev/null ; brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask 2> /dev/null
    and press enter/return key.
    If the screen prompts you to enter a password, please enter your Mac's user password to continue. When you type the password, it won't be displayed on screen, but the system would accept it. So just type your password and press ENTER/RETURN key. Then wait for the command to finish.
  3. Run:
    brew cask install unifi-controller

Done! You can now use Unifi Controller.

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