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Trials In Tainted Space. 535 likes 1 talking about this. Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) is a game under active development by Fenoxo & crew. Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game. It's a game as much about changing your character and those you meet as it is about exploration and adventure. You play as personalized character bent on making his or her fortune among the stars, starting out with only the ship left behind by a deceased father. You must be 18 years old to visit this site. Please verify your age. You must be 18 years old to visit this site. Please verify your age.

Full nameVelta Krieves
OccupationCollege Student
FamilyUnnamed Mother, Father, 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters
RelativesRiya (Cousin)


Velta is an 18 year old Tavros College Student who really likes to work out.


Velta is short for a human woman, standing only 5’0' by ancient Imperial measurements. She has cocoa skin, short jet-black hair and a round face with an adorable button nose, complimented by the red bindi in the center of her forehead. But probably the most notable thing about her face is her eyes; one is a brilliant, lively shade of blue, while the other is a deep, warm brown. She is in excellent shape, having slim hips, toned, slender arms and legs, a chiseled set of abs and two smallish, perfectly formed B-cups sitting proudly on her chest, capped with dark brown nipples. There is a single beauty mark on the left side of her neck, just above the collarbone. The jogging outfit she wears consists of a pair of skintight black running shorts that emphasize the musculature of her thighs and sculpted rear, a white sweatband around her left wrist, and a tight-fitting sports bra that keeps her bust from jiggling as she runs. There is a military-issue canteen hanging off her waist as well, water sloshing within.

Apartment appearance: In her apartment, Velta wears much the same clothing, with some minor changes; her shorts have been swapped out for plain black sweatpants, comfy and easy to move in, while her sweatband and canteen are nowhere to be seen, presumably stowed away somewhere until she actually needs them. She has a {personal comm device in one hand and is idly flipping through what appears to be an image sharing site, giggling or cooing every so often when she sees something funny or cute. // nutrition shake in one hand, idly sipping at it every few seconds as she enjoys your company. // stress ball in one hand and is idly kneading it as she enjoys your company.}

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Velta’s apartment: The interior of Velta’s apartment is surprisingly bland, outside of the extreme pink of her room; she doesn’t seem to have done much to the place aside from put up pictures of her family and set up a few hanging plants and scented candles. Even so, it manages to look cozy and lived-in.


History/Personality/Information of Note

Velta is an 18 year old freshman at Tavros University with a Major in Body Modification Research and should be considered younger than Captain Steele. She throughly enjoys exercise and always try to fit it into her schedule and life. She is the youngest of 5 children born from an Indian mother and a Latvian father.

She has a noticeably childish but playful Personality. She also likes a few video games.


Velta can be encountered on the Merchant Deck of Tavros between the hours of 05:00-08:00 or 17:00-19:00. Outside of those times she will be encountered in her apartment on the Residential Deck except between the hours of 22:00-05:00 because during that time she will be sleeping.

She will initially be approached under the title 'Jogger' before being open to conversation.


The player can talk to Velta about her Family, College, and/or Hobbies.



Velta will only be willing to have sex with Steele if Steele is a male, has tone 60 or above, height 6' 0' or above, and penis length 8 inches or longer (but fits Velta) with testicles.

  • Vag - Leads to doing Velta the old fashioned way with very light BDSM.
    • Requirements a penis that fits.
    • Progresses 2 hours and gives the Cum Splattered status effect if the player has a large cum capacity.
  • Anal - Leads to Velta doing You the new old fashioned way with a strap-on.
    • Progresses 5 hours and gives the player the Sore status effect plus locks the player out of Anal sex for 24 hours.


Velta currently isn't involved in any quests.


  • Velta if afflicted by Heterochromia and is currently the only human character to have this condition.
  • It is very loosely implied that Riya is Velta's distant, older cousin.
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First off the CoC2 guys dropped their public patch yesterday! See it below!


And back to TiTS business! I’ve got a decent chunk of content to drop into the hopper for you guys to play with as I continue to work on filling out Kiro’s “bimbo” path to be more comparable to her normal content. In addition, Lighterfluid finished paging through Paige’s content to allow for more individual genital selection. Since this required a lot of complicated work and routing of variables through a multitude of functions, there could be new bugs introduced. Be sure and make sure they get on the bug report forums so that LF can crush them ASAP.

I personally will be taking another tour through the bug reports before my next patch to clean up any major ‘oopsies’ that have been introduced.

Stay strong through 2020, and we’ll keep doing our best to make the year bearable!

0.8.123 Changelog:

Trials In Tainted Space Vildarii

  • Futa Paige activated (correctly, this time)!

0.8.122 Changelog:

Velta Trials In Tainted Space

  • (BROKEN) Paige can now be permanently futa-fied, not just sometimes thanks to ghostly possession! Written by B and coded by Lighterfluid, this should be sure to please fans of girls with a little ‘extra’! (Requires Kiro/Paige threesome be completed.)
  • Normal Paige now allows for more robust selection of player character genitals to interact with.
  • “Bimbo” Kiro can now be gifted Dildos! Just ask her if she’s happy after giving her a Bubble Buddy, and you’ll have the option to load her down with as large a selection of toys as you like. Includes a new sex scene for using them with your choice of two endings!
  • Dhaal has two new “rare” drops: a dildo named “Exgartuan” (that enlarges your assets with every use) and a dildo named “Urta” that makes masculine orgasms messier with every use. Enjoy!
  • Two new image pack images from Strype: one for Verusha and one for Nykke, each visible in their respective appearance screen.
  • Image pack update: the blowjob image for Verusha was updated to a new image more reflective of the contents of the scene, and the scene’s text was changed to have blue lipstick (to better reflect new image). Drawn by Bullifrawg on our discord!