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Sep 23rd, 2018

Trials In Tainted Space Prairie View

Trials in Tainted Space takes the gloves off. We've gone from a planet to a galaxy, removing what little restrictions there were in regards to creature design. The first screen of Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) is the character creation page with a selection of race options. This is an old video. I didn't upload this video until I get faster internet.But here you go! This episode also features the first time I get Bad Ended! Trials in Tainted Space. Contribute to Terridan/Trials-in-Tainted-Space development by creating an account on GitHub. Page 1 1 naughty by nature: chaucer and the (re)invention of female goodness in late me dieval literature by joanna r. Shearer a dissertation presented to the graduate school of the universtiy of florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy university of florida 2007.

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Trials In Tainted Space Prairie Village

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  1. You lean forward and run your finger along the length of her tail. Her breath hisses out through the gag and her ringed tail fluffs out at your touch, curling up into a perfect question mark and lifting her skirt with it.
  2. As the curtain of her skirt rises, her rump emerges, veiled in her panties, a bulge tucked between her thighs, already dripping with precum. You reach forward, lightly running your fingertips across her bottom, coaxing a soft gasp from between her lips. You feel her rump tremble beneath your fingers as she moans helplessly.
  3. “Oh, yes, Bev, more, mmmmmorrrre..” she moans. You stroke her tail, running your hand up its length and listening to the minute gasps and mewls Prai makes. She sways her hips, begging for more than light touches.
  4. You oblige, and grasp the base of her tail firmly, tugging down her panties with your other hand. Her three inch cock springs free, trailing a line of pre down to her panties, her small sack tucked tight against the base of it, already smeared with her fluids. She squeals happily, and you grind your feline tool against her exposed booty, sliding it between the cheeks of her generous ass.
  5. Prai lets out a ragged moan, her skirt rising up as she wriggles helplessly in the air. “Please! Please put it in me! I need it!” she groans.
  6. You spend a few minutes just grinding against her, feeling the slippery slide of her cheeks against your cock, listening to her moan. You hold her tail, tugging gently, setting the a rhythm that she enthusiastically follows. Suspended as she is, she can do little to affect her own movements, and for now, she’s entirely in your control.
  7. You slowly stop sliding and are rewarded by a plaintive moan from Prai. You pull the gag from her mouth, letting her speak. “Hahhhhh.. Wh-why’d you stop, Bev?”
  8. “Beg for it,” you whisper. The kui-tan responds with a shiver that runs from her rounded ears all the way down to her bushy tail.
  9. “Please!” she croaks, her voice husky with desire. “Please fuck me. Sneezes and snakes, I need it so bad. I need..” she trails off as you slide your dick between her cheeks.
  10. When her words stop, you stop. She whines in protest, “Please! I need your cock in my ass. I neeeeeeed to cum..”
  11. You squeeze her tail tighter, drawing a yelp and a shiver from her. “I want your cock so bad,” she moans. “I need it. I’ll do anything for it. Pleaaaassssse!”
  12. You suppose you could give her what she wants. On the other hand, she’s got quite a mouth on her when she’s not babbling non sequiturs; it might be more beneficial to leave her in this state.
  13. You are more than happy to oblige her request. You undo your dress clothes and set aside your gear as she whimpers softly in anticipation.
  14. “Please, Bev, I need it so bad. I’m dripping through my skirt!” she moans piteously.
  15. You spare a glance down and note that it looks like she’s soaked the entire front of her skirt with pre-cum, and the sodden material is so sopping wet, it actually is dripping her fluids down to the forest floor.
  16. You step out of the rest of your garments and lean in close to her. Your hands grip her ass, your fingers sinking into her plush rump. She churrs happily, and her tail arches up even further over her back. With a squeeze, you spread her cheeks apart and expose the shiny black pucker of her asshole.
  17. “This is for being a good girl,” you chuckle.
  18. Prai gasps sharply at your words, her back arching and her tailhole giving a twitch. Even a little perk of her hips makes her bounce in her restraints. “Oh please! Please, Bev, I can’t take another minute of teasing. Stick it in me already. I need to be fuuuuuuucked!” she whines.
  19. You could give it to her, but who is she to tell you what to do?
  20. You spread her cheeks wide, and she lets out a quaking sigh, anticipating your dick against her twitching asshole.
  21. Instead, you slide your soft-barbed cock under her small package. The top of your shaft rubs firmly against the underside of her balls, then against the underside of her dick. She’s soaked herself and find yourself slathering your own dick with her pre as you massage hers.
  22. “Nuh-nuuuu..” she moans. “Nah-not.. not whata—what I.. wanned..” she babbles, barely coherent. You swear that you can feel her balls churning, resting hot and tight just atop the base of your shaft.
  23. You stay there for a while, rocking back and forth, letting her bask in your rhythm. She’s moaning, shifting her hips back against you. She obviously wants you inside her, but she’s enjoying the frottage too much to mouth any sort of protest at this point.
  24. When you eventually slide out from under her, thin ropes of pre trailing from your dick to hers, she mewls softly. You give her a sharp shove forward, and she lurches toward the hanging tangle of vines in front of the sleeping pitcher. She grabs on to them and, unbalanced, swings softly back and forth, her weight resting partly on her toes.
  25. “Pleeeeeze..” she moans, swaying drunkenly against the vines.
  26. You grin and grab her tail by the base, pulling her back and pressing the cock-head of your cock against her twitching, black bud.
  27. She lets out a low, shuddering moan, trying in vain to push back against you, put finding no purchase in the swaying vines. Settling your other hand on her hip, you slowly pull her in against you, sinking your massive dick into her ass, watching it disappear inch by inch. She groans, a long and quavering sound as the ring of her asshole stretches to accommodate your girth.
  28. Half-babbled gratitude spills from her lips as you fill her, and her cock gives a twitch, and you hear the patter of liquid against fabric. She pants, whimpering softly—it looks like she came from your insertion. Too bad you’re not finished yet.
  29. You push further and further in, already slick with her pre. Prai gasps, rocking against the vines and mewling piteously as her little cock oozes out cum. You pull her tail tight up against you, feeling the gentle bucks of her hips against yours.
  30. “Good girl,” you chuckle, and you see a wiggle of pleasure from her rump, shifting your cock around against her tight hole.
  31. If she’s this enthusiastic, you might as well respond in kind. You grip her tail and hip hard and push against them, rocking her forward against the vines. She squeaks, nearly losing her balance as she swings back, driving hard down your shaft.
  32. “Unf!” she grunts, her plump ass bouncing against your hips as you bury yourself to the hilt inside her.
  33. You smile, enjoying the easy rhythm of shoving her forward and feeling her rock back against your dick. She churrs as you swing her out and moans in pleasure as you drive into her. You repeat the process over and over, letting momentum impale her over and over on your dick, enjoying her slippery tightness wrapping around you each time. Eventually, your own breathing grows ragged, as you feel your pleasure build.
  34. She’s squeezing down tight around you, squeaking a symphony of pleasure. “Cum! Please cum! Fill me up with your hot goo!” she pants, barely able to form the words. “Witch hazel and whiskers! Oh please!”
  35. Her tightness, her begging—it’s all too much to bear. You groan hauling back on her tail as you cum. You slamming your hips against her plump ass, a jet firing out from your cock into her desperate ass.
  36. She’s like an animal—humping back desperately against you, trying to get herself off. You groan, sinking your fingers in deep against the curve of her ass. “Oh fidgets and freon! Oh! Oh crackers!” she gasps, cumming back in kind. Her short cock spurts against the ground spattering thick cum with enough force that you feel it splash against your legs. She tenses, her muscles taut against her bindings, before finally going limp, hanging loosely against the vines.
  37. You grind against her, feeling her asshole slowly unclenching around your massive cock. She’s panting heavily, almost in synch with you. You feel an ache in your legs as the odd position of fucking the trussed-up kui-tan begins to catch up with you.
  38. “Ummma..” she groans, slumped against the vines holding her up, her knees trembling.
  39. It looks like the little kui-tan is spent. Do you want to release Prai and make sure she’s alright, or leave her here for to fend for herself?

Trials In Tainted Space Prairie