Trials In Tainted Space Gray Goo Armor


Gray Goo Suit (200CP, Free to Gray Goo race): You’ve stumbled across an oddly programed relative to the Gray Goo of Tarkus. This pile of nanomachines is programmed to bond with a user, envelope their body, and form either clothing or armor around them. 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005 on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 1056 cheat codes and secrets. This is a gallery of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5: Expert 1. Our Chrome extension, which redirects links to the old Wikia/Fandom site to Yugipedia, ensuring you see the most up-to-date information. If you have any issues or find any bugs.

  1. Trials In Tainted Space Gray Goo Armor
  2. Trials In Tainted Space Grey Goo Armor
Gray Prime
“I don’t want to.. I don’t want to become like them!”
Gray Goo Prime's bust, by Jacques00
SpeciesGray Goo
LocationDeck 13
Initial Lust15
Maximum LustN/A
Lust Reset(s)0
Giga Goo
Gray Goo Giga's bust, by Jacques00
SpeciesGray Goo
LocationDeck 13
Initial Lust15
Maximum Lust100
Lust Reset(s)N/A
Nova (Victoria Morrow)
“I’m trying to save my crew.”
Gray Goo Nova's bust, by Jacques00
Full nameVictoria Morrow
SpeciesGray Goo, Human
Family10,428 colonists aboard the Nova
  • 4Interactions


Gray Prime is a unique gray goo that can be found on Deck 13, acting as the final boss of Anno's recruitment quest.


Gray Prime:

This glistening gray goo-girl isn't like her sisters. Tall, well-built, and realistically proportioned, she's almost human. The gray goo has modeled herself on a human woman, with a long ponytail and a hefty shirt-straining rack that bounces with every step she takes. She's even made clothes out of her goo: a knee-skirt and blouse over tall boots and stockings. Her shirt has a Bell-Isle/Grunmann patch stitched onto the shoulders, the field of stars on the logo rippling and shining as she moves. A sword of glistening goo extends seamlessly from her hand, cutting through the air with an audible zing as she advances.

Giga Goo:

The gray goo gestalt calling itself Nova has taken on an entire vat of additional goo, expanding itself to monstrous proportions. She's having to lean over just to fit in the reactor compartment now, and each of her fists are easily bigger than you are. Her sword is the size of a truck, the blade resizing itself to slide through the open front of the elevator with ease. Her eyes burn with hate and anger as she swings and lunges at you, all too happy to take advantage of your confinement and trying to plunge you into the billowing cloud of poison gas below.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Gray Prime is the byproduct of experimental Bell-Isle/Grunmann technology. Gray nanobots, previously injected into colonists for health and longevity, inexplicably took over the their human hosts' mind and body, converting them all into amorphous goo-beings with a digital nervous system for a brain. They are later revealed to be a gestalt of ten-thousand, four-hundred, twenty-eight occupants who had been living on the Nova, tragically transformed as a last-ditch 'life support' measure by the gray microbots inside them. The colony ship eventually crash-landed on Tarkus, and the parts of the blob that could not stay attached to the central network, ended up migrating, dividing, and supplementing themselves with other fluids, creating the common gray goo, as encountered in the wastes.


Gray Prime is initially fought as an assailant within the Ghost Deck adventure, when she pulls Anno down onto a lower part of the deck through a damaged bulkhead, forcing Steele to jump in after her. She initiates a boss fight before fleeing into the secondary reactor chamber. When pursuing her, she'll reveal herself to be the amalgamation of the entire crew of the Nova, a Terran colony ship that was lost centuries ago, and crashed on Tarkus. She'll explain how she came to be, the origins of the Gray Goo, and then allow Steele to decide how things will proceed.

Steele can either decide to help the Nova's crew through Steele's and Anno's connections to Steele Tech, helping them to acquire cybernetic bodies. Alternatively, Steele can tell Nova to disregard her research into safely creating Gray Goo and simply kill the emergent intelligences that they house. Finally, Steele can attempt to kill Nova, leading to a fight against the Giga Goo she will turn into.


Gray Prime's first boss fight is a two-on-one slugfest between her, Steele, and Anno. She attacks primarily through her sword, while occasionally creating gray goo minions to tease Steele. She can also cause tentacles to emerge and grapple Steele.

The Giga Goo boss fight is optional and harder, forcing Steele to fend off a much larger, all-physical damage boss. She strikes at the elevator Steele and Anno are riding while attempting to knock them down and hurtling them into the poison gas below. Chefmate manuals.

Both versions are armed with a goo-formed weapon and covered in goo-based armor.

Gray PrimeGiga Goo
Attacks WeaponGooey PsuedopodGooey Psuedopod
Damage 2 Melee
11 Kinetic
3 Melee
12 Kinetic
  • Gooey Coverings (Armor: 3)
  • Gooey Coverings (Armor: 3)
  • 20% immunity to all kinds of attacks

Losing to her in combat in either form will result in a BadEnd.


Gray Prime and the Giga Goo have no loot or credits but are worth 250 XP each.

After defeating Gray Prime, choosing to Help: Bodies will later allow Steele to talk to Anno about a Nova Update. Anno will then suggest finding a new goo girl in order to test a prototypical modification program. Steele can return to Deck 13 and create a new one by selecting Make Goo or Steele can later encounter the goo at the bar on Myrellion instead. In both cases, the new gray goo girl will introduce herself, and offer to accompany Steele as a wearable Suit of Gray Goo Armor.


Gray Prime is associated with the Ghost Deck questline.

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Trials In Tainted Space Gray Goo Armor

Level Range1+



Ruined landscape created by a fusion of two planets into one. One, the Raskvel and Gabilani homeworld; the other, its former neighbor, Daerinoys. The two were made to collide centuries ago in a catastrophic attempt at terraforming, from which neither managed to recover. The raskvel continue to subsist on the surface, whilst the gabilani largely live in space stations above it. Certain political and social tensions are evident between the races, though the harshness does not compare to the merged-planet's current environmental climate and terrain. One side is covered in centuries worth of trash from the local population, while the other side is composed mostly of desert and wasteland. The planet is sometimes known as 'The Junkyard Planet'.

  • 4Inhabitants

Places of Interest

  • Factory Square - A sex bot factory and Hand So's base of operations.
  • Stellar Tether - A pathway beyond Chasmfall, and into the core of the planet.
  • U.G.C. Scout Authority - The taxi service between Novahome and the The Lift located near Chasmfall.
  • Deck 13 - Houses the origins of the Gray Goo.


Map of Tarkus around Novahome

Trials In Tainted Space Grey Goo Armor

  • Ancient ship labelled NOVA
    • Hangar - dock deck of Novahome
      • Ship Hangar
      • U.G.C. Scout Authority
    • Novahome - The living center created from a wrecked starship
      • Cargo Elevator
      • Shekka’s Widget Warehouse
      • The MESS (staffed by Carver Catering Company)
      • Steele Tech outpost
      • Mechanist's Shop
      • Colenso's Junk
      • Dr. Lash's makeshift shady laboratory
      • Doctor Badger’s Free Clinic / Lab / Bimbotorium
    • Deck 13 - Accessed by taking the cargo elevator down from Novahome's main deck.
      • Shield Control Station
  • The Wastes - The wilds of Tarkus, littered with debris and junk scattered in different areas. The varying terrain near Novahome include: plains, ridges, valleys, ravines, and even a beach to the nearest sea.
    • Rust Fields - The central portion of the wastes, that consists mostly of plains.
      • Rust Canyon
      • Rust Plains
      • Rust Path
    • Iron Ridges - A region taking up the southern portion of the wastes, littered with large, plates of metal.
      • Factory Square
      • Metal Ravine
      • Iron Valley
    • The Oil Sea - The heavily liquid-polluted sea coast in the wastes, taking up the upper west-most portion of the plains.
      • Arbetz Travel Agency
      • Polluted Beach
      • Oil Sea Beach
    • Scything Glade - Portion of the wastes that are the east-most area from the plains. Consists of metallic, predatory trees and bordered off by canyons and cliffs.
      • The Lift (artificial platform)
      • Planet Divide
      • Lane’s Plane
      • Chasmfall
  • Stellar Tether - Located at and accessed through the planets' divide, Chasmfall.


Due to the result of two fused planets and multiple shipwrecks, the population consists of diverse races, cultures, and wildlife.


  • Nessa - Scout authority who runs the taxi.
  • Shekka - Owner of the Widget Warehouse.
  • Anno - Operator at the Steele Tech outpost.
  • Kaede - Anno's butt buddy who visits her from time to time.
  • Beth - Owner of the MESS and Carver Catering Company.
  • Delilah - Bartender of the MESS and Bethany's 'slave'.
  • Edan - Mercenary found drinking at the MESS.
  • Verusha - A hyena found at the MESS.
  • Aurora - Owner of the Machinist Shop.
  • Colenso - Owner of a junk shop/command center.
  • Dr. Badger - Owner of the Bimbotorium.
  • Dr. Lash - Scientist working in a shady lab.
  • Gray Prime - Discovered during Anno's quest in Deck 13 and reveals the origin of the Gray Goo.
  • Sgt. Decker - Officer of the U.G.C. Peacekeepers S.W.A.T. team securing the entrance of the Stellar Tether, negotiating with the Black Void - affiliated pirates inside.
  • Lane - A hypnotist found in a building situated in the glade ofScything Glade.
  • Bess/Ben - An abandoned sexbot found near a junk pile in the Rust Canyon.
  • Una, Petr and Godi - The team working at the Arbetz Travel Agency, located to the north of the Polluted Beach.
  • Chaurmine - A saurmorian found in the Wastes while being attack. Later will appear in The MESS.
  • Zea - A Xhelarfog delivery woman on vacation found on THE MESS.
  • Tessa - An Ovir Assassin/Bounty Hunter in THE MESS


General Strategy: Half of the enemies on Tarkus are mechanical in nature. Subjecting them to electrical attacks will cause them to become more prone to short circuit-ing. The other half are hyper-libidinous aliens who can easily be seduced and in turn try to drug and seduce the you.

  • The Raskvel - Underground, village-dwelling people who are mostly peaceful and are known for their skills as mechanics. When above ground, they are usually found in the plains.
  • The Gabilani - A local, sex and invention-loving society, mostly housed in Tarkus's orbit.
    • Gabilani Gadgeteer(Not yet implemented.)
  • Sand Worms - one of the forms the Hilinara parasitic race, encountered everywhere west of the Scything Glade.
  • The Sydian - Patriarchal society that live exclusively in the junkyard wastes and are known to eat machinery. Can be found in the plains, ridges and around the beach areas.
  • Lapinara - Non-native, sapient, rabbit-like race that come in several sexes and variations. Usually located roaming the plains and ridges.
    • Lapinara Parasitic Female (No more since v0.8.004 For return they back use cheat laplove)
  • Gray Goo - Fluid-absorbing creatures scattered about the wastes.
  • Sex Bot - Pleasure robots produced by a factory located in the ridges. Can be encountered in the ridges and glades.

Godsend items

  • Dong Designer - Can be found (only once) in the Iron ridges, at the metal ravine.
  • Horse Cock - This oddly-detached penis has been crafted to look like a perfect representation of equine virility.


Tarkus is named after the song and album of the same name by the band Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

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