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Happy new year to all!

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The year 2021 has (finally) arrived, and looking back we had a busy past year with the SSF2 Rotation Release Cycle and the announcement of Fraymakers! After a year like that many of you may be wondering what’s in store for this year at McLeodGaming.

The End of Flash Player

Many of you probably already know that the end of Flash Player support arrived today, with the full transition to being globally disabled arriving on January 12th, 2021. As the creators of one of the most ambitious Flash-based projects on the internet, it pains us greatly to see it go. Flash is what allowed SSF2 to blossom into the ultimate Smash tribute that you see today, and it’s also what put McLeodGaming on the path to being a real independent game studio in the early 2000s. We may never see a technology exactly quite like Flash again in the future, and we think it’s important to look back and appreciate how it allowed all sorts of creative individuals to express themselves, despite all of the negative press.

On the bright side, a project called Ruffle has been underway for quite some time to emulate the Flash Player in-browser without requiring a plugin. It’s made great strides supporting tons of games from the ActionScript 2.0 days, including an almost fully-functional Super Smash Flash 1 (which we’ve enabled a toggle for on the Super Smash Flash home site, go check it out!). It may be some time before we see SSF2 supported since the game is built in ActionScript 3.0, but in the meantime you can always download the game to play on your desktop using Adobe AIR in place of the Flash Player.

(By the way, if you’d like to support such an awesome project, we encourage you to check out Ruffle’s Open Collective page)

SSF2 Development

Rest assured, despite the demise of the Flash Player and the end of the Rotation Release development cycle, SSF2 isn’t stopping any time soon! While the SSF2 Team is going to start off a bit slower this year, there are plenty of content plans in the pipeline. Expect more news to come as the team begins picking up the pace again.

Also please be aware that moving forward, the primary source for SSF2 news and content will be found While we may mention SSF2 updates here on McLeodGaming from time to time, the optimal place for uninterrupted, dedicated updates can be found there (and most existing SSF2 pages here will be automatically redirected). Also make sure to follow SSF2’s new Twitter account and subscribe to its new YouTube channel so you don’t miss out anything!

Fraymakers Development

Team Fray is excited to continue with the development of Fraymakers after its incredible Kickstarter campaign! There are plenty of characters to be animated, stages to be designed, and music tracks to be laid down, so you can expect us to be quite busy getting ready for Early Access launch. We’re already seeing some fun data come in via our Backer Content Survey (exclusive to backers only!), in addition to a lot of buzz throughout our socials about all the things everyone is looking forward to in Fraymakers. Make sure to join our socials listed over in the sidebar so you don’t miss any updates!

Super Smash Flash V0.7 Demo

Super Smash Flash 2 V0 9 Jugar

If you were unable to support the Kickstarter and are hoping to help in some way, one great method to do that is to wishlist Fraymakers on Steam. This way you’ll be notified when the game is released in Early Access and it’ll help add momentum to our initial launch.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Talk soon!

Super Smash Flash 2: Pikachu is the most famous fictional character comes from Pokémon. Pikachu first appeared inPokémon Red and Greenin Japan. With the lovely appearance, Pikachu has become an icon of Japan pop culture in recent years. You can meet a Pikachu parade in many places in Japan and other countries and watch their dance performance. The name Pikachu is a combination of two Japanese sounds:pika, a sound an electric spark makes, andchu, a sound a mouse makes. Pikachu is the “electric-type” Pokémon.

Pikachu has two red circular pouches on their cheeks, which can spark with electricity. They attack primarily by projecting electricity from their bodies at their targets. In Super Smash Flash 2, Pikachu is a A+ character with quick attacks, good combo ability, great recovery, high priority attacks and amazing finishers in its smash attacks.

Pikachu is small but fast and agile, he (yeah, Pikachu is male) has the fourth fastest dashing speed that can help Pikachi performs a quick attack, excellent approach options and fast movement around the battlefield.

Super smash flash 2 v0 9 jugar pc

Entering battle by poping out from a Poke-ball, super smash flash 2 kept the characteristics of Pikachu from anime. Let’s check this video below to see how Pikachu attacks.

Super Smash Flash 2 V0 9 Jugar Age Of Empires 2

You can see, most of Pikachu’s KO moves are close to its body which means it needs to be close to the opponent in order to KO them. This is the disavantages of Pikachu when his poor reach in the majority of its attacks which leaves it vulnerable to characters with disjointed hitboxes (for example Mega Knight).

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Super Smash Flash 2 V0 9 Jugar Pc


Ground attacks:

  • Standard attack: Headbutts continually. 3% per hit
  • Side tilt: Kicks forward out in front of him with both legs. 8%
  • Forward smash: Produces electricity with his cheeks. Pikachu charges a bolt of electricity in front of him, causing a lot of knockback when released. Uncharged: 20% Fully Charged: 28%
  • Up tilt: Swings tail in an arc above itself. 7%
  • Up smash: Flips very fast, attacking with its tail. Uncharged: 15% Fully Charged: 21%
  • Down tilt: Does a quick, low tail whip. 7%
  • Down smash: Discharges electricity while spinning. Uncharged: 11% Fully Charged: 13%
  • Dash attack: Bashes target with it’s head like a mini Skull Bash. 9%

Aerial attacks:

Super Smash Flash 2 V0 9 Jugar Juegos

  • Neutral aerial: Spins in a ball. Decent knockback and power. 10%
  • Forward aerial: An electric drill-like move forward. 9%.
  • Back aerial: Spins like a disc and hits multiple times. Four hits for 2% each last one deals 4%. Total of 12%
  • Up aerial: Swings tail while flipping forward. 4-6%
  • Down aerial: An electric drill-like move downward. 12% Another hit when landing. 2%


  • Grab: Grabs the enemy with both hands.
  • Pummel: Zaps the enemy. All hits do 1%.
  • Forward throw: Places opponent on back and electrocutes them forward. Can chain grab only a few characters. 7%
  • Back throw: Tumbles with opponent back and throws them back. 9%
  • Up throw: Headbutts opponent upward. Can chain grab fast fallers, but easy to DI out of. 5%
  • Down throw: Slams on top of opponent. Can chain grab fast fallers and high fallers, but can be D.I.’ed. 5%


  • Ledge attack: Backflip kick. 8%
  • 100% ledge attack: None.
  • Floor attack: Swings its body and tail around. 5%

Special moves:

Standard special moveThunder Jolt
Side special moveSkull Bash
Up special moveQuickAttack
Down special moveThunder
Final SmashVolt Tackle

Pikachu is also the automatic opponent in the first “events” Catch ’em all. In this event, you have to fight against 2 Pikachus and 1 Jigglypuff.

Let’s play super smash flash 2 and meet lovely Pikachu and many players around the world! Thank you~~~