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Sonic Unleashed PS3 game is an action-adventure platform game which is available in ISO and PKG format with update DLC CFW/OFW 4.81. This game was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. Sonic Unleashed game also a series of Sonic the Hedgehog and released on December 12, 2008. PC version of Sonic R Addeddate 2019-05-05 16:49:27 Identifier SonicRPC Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Year 1998. ISO IMAGE download.

  • Download Links:Sonic Unleashed:360 Emulator:
  • Sonic Unleashed. 2018-08-21 #5018. This game entry contains no available game updates. NPEB90132 NPUB90194. Sonic Unleashed Demo. 2018-07-07 #4844. This game entry contains no available game updates. Page 1 of 1 - 01. Compatibility list developed and maintained by AniLeo - Page loaded in 126.68ms.
  • Fans have done what Sega won't - clever-clogs modders have released a version of Sonic Unleashed for PC. The free download works as a total conversion mod for Sonic Generations.

Sonic Unleashed PS3 game is an action-adventure platform game which is available in ISO and PKG format with update DLC CFW/OFW 4.81. This game was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. Sonic Unleashed game also a series of Sonic the Hedgehog and released on December 12, 2008. The story follows Sonic as he tries to restore the world after his nemesis Doctor Egg-man shatters it with a powerful laser to unleash Dark Gaia, an ancient evil while dealing with his “Werehog” form which he gains after coming into contact with the power of Dark Gaia.

Sonic Unleashed PS3 gameplay features two different styles, with each being played either during day-time or night-time. Daytime stages integrate Sonic traditional platforming and trademark speed. With a combination of behind-the-back third-person viewpoints and 2D side-scroller platforming. Gameplay seamlessly transitions between these two views. Night-time levels see Sonic transform into the Werehog gameplay slows down to accommodate greater platform play, and involves combat against waves of enemies using the Werehog’s brute strength. So, overall this series is also very nice for play on the console.

DeveloperSonic Team
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog
Game nameSonic Unleashed
PlatformPlayStation 3
Game formatEpisodes [Copied From DVD]
Release DateDecember 12, 2008
GenrePlatformer, Action-adventure

Sonic Unleashed game is a platform game in which the player controls the titular Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Unleashed game has two modes: fast-paced levels that take place during day-time. Showcasing and using Sonic trademark speed as seen in previous games in the series. Second slower, night-time levels, during which Sonic transforms into the Werehog, and gameplay switches to an action-based, brawler style of play, in which Sonic fights Gaia. Each level takes place on a particular continent, each of which is based on a real-world destination. In sections of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, the player may choose to advance the time of day in order to play as either Sonic or the Werehog.

Some quick asked question answers about Sonic Unleashed PS3 game

Q1: Can CFW and OFW both users install Sonic Unleashed game into his console?

A: Yes, it is copied from DVD. So, both users can install this game on his console and play easily. OFW users copy and paste this game using a USB stick into his console and OFW users need to follow the installation instructions.

Q2: Is Sonic Unleashed PS3 game is also a PC?

A: Yes, with the help of RPCS3 emulator you can play this game on your PC. RPCS3 emulator is PlayStation 3 emulator which is working on PC. By the use of RPCS3 emulator the users can play all his favourite PS3 games on your PC.

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Q3: Is this game files password protected?

A: Yes, due to security reasons our 70% games are password protected. We mentioned the password along with game this downloading file(s) may ask you for the password during extract of the game file using unzip.

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Q4: Do I need to complete any survey for the game?

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A: No, we are not conducting bypass any survey. We know that it is a time-consuming activity and also a headache. We are providing games and software without any survey.

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