Screen Record Mac Os With Audio


You’re searching for a voice recorder for your MacBook (Pro/Air) or iMac, here’re our recs of easy Mac voice recorder regardless of your Mac product or system version.

One way to do it is with QuickTime. Mac OS X has QuickTime Player built-in and it allows you to record your screen easily. It supports recording entire screens or selective regions. However, there is one. Here’s how it works: Press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard to open the screenshot / screen recording toolbar. You have two choices for screen recordings; click “Record Entire Screen” or “Record Selected Portion”. Selecting the former will immediately begin the screen recording.

How is your Mac computer or notebook going? Since the annual March event of Apple is just over, with new faster MacBook Air launched and Mac Mini refreshed with doubled storage capacity from 256 to 512 GB, do you have a plan to upgrade your currently used machine? At least, I’m a little bit moving by it because I’m tired of my Pro stuff coming from 2016…

Well, a regular greeting from editor and without further ado, this is a common article themed on voice recorder for Mac. The reason why we put this into a single article is that there are different kinds of Mac users, each of whom may enjoy a different computer model or system number, so some may be unable to enjoy the system bonus like Voice Memo. And this post will make it clear on how to record voice/sound on Mac, with some easy Mac voice recorders.

Easy Mac Voice Recorder #1 – RecMaster for Mac

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.11 or above
Download Link:

Screen Record Mac With Audio And Video Of Yourself

RecMaster is a simple but multi-functional screen recorder for Mac. And voice, as one of the screen output sources, is supported by this recorder perfectly. Maybe it’s a sound note/reminder, an idea/inspiration, a meeting talking, a formal lecture or even a streaming voice from the web, by simply using the “Audio Only” mode of RecMaster, you can enable and capture your voice coming from external microphone or any other sound from system easily into M4A or CAF format. After recording, the built-in editor empowers you to do trimming and cutting.

RecMaster for Mac is not only a voice recorder, but also a Mac desktop screen recorder, audio recorder and webcam recorder with audio (including any audio from sound card). Therefore, if you are a frequent screen or audio recording user, holding such a handy screen recorder will bring about much convenience.

Easy Mac Voice Recorder #2 – Voice Memos

Supported OS: macOS Mojave or later

iPhone fans are familiar with Voice Memos because Apple has built this small tool in the gadget since the very beginning. Now it’s moved on to bigger macOS. Once your home computer or portable laptop is running macOS Mojave or newer macOS Catalina, you can find Voice Memos app and click the Record button on its main window to start up a real-time voice capture via the internal microphone (if there is), external mic or handset. By ending the engine, your file will be saved under iTunes Music directory or /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ You can also trim the file down or overwrite segment directly on the app.

Record Audio On Mac

Easy Mac Voice Recorder #3 – QuickTime Player

Screen Record Mac Os With Audio

Supported OS: Any system running QuickTime Player V10.X

Although there’s new Voice Memos, we can’t ignore the old hand on Mac voice recording and it’s exactly the QuickTime player. QuickTime has introduced the recording functionalities on screen, movie and audio in its X version. It means as long as you are not too outdated to retain the QuickTime released in 10 years ago, it will empower you to record your Microphone audio with clicks. You can find the screen options under File’s drop-down list, and choose “New Audio Recording” to go on as it generates.

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As you seen, QuickTime can also act as a Mac screen recorder with audio, even if the internal system audio is out of its grabbing ability to prevent bootlegging.


Easy Mac Voice Recorder #4 – Audacity

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.14 (macOS Catalina is currently unsupported)

Audacity is a recommended open source tool for recording and editing voice on Mac. As a professional audio program, many advanced users take advantage of it to create podcast, music demo, pro-level interview or similar. Hence, it’s able to handle any of your common audio or voice requirements on Mac desktop or notebook.

Don’t be repelled by the pro-looking control panel, you should only select the right mic, fine tune the volume to a proper level and pick a suitable Project Rate (Hz) can you start and work out a high-quality voice capture. If you are interested, you can edit the audio track with the bundled full-fledged editor to cut, mix, add effect etc. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that this freebie is not working on new macOS Catalina.

The Bottom Line
Recording voice on Mac is not difficult and these are some easy voice recorder for Mac names we’d like to share to you. Take a note on whether it’s compatible with your iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook, and pick the one that suits you most please.

Screen Record Mac Os With Audio Recorder

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