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Combining the epic scope of traditional turn-based strategy games with the fast-paced action of RTS games, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots enables players to explore 6,000 years of history as. Rise Of Nations Full Version free download - Rise of Nations Update, Trackmania Nations ESWC, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends demo, and many more programs.


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Rise of Nations™ is a game by Big Huge Games™ and published by Microsoft Game Studios™

Rise Of Nations Completo

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Year: 2014

Genre: RTS

Ashampoo studio 10 code. Developer: SkyBox Labs, Big Huge Games

Size: 910 Mb

*WITHOUT torrent (DStudio)

Rise Of Nations Download Completo Crackeado

Free Rise of Nations game torrent. The gaming industry is full of improved and republished projects where graphics and content radically transformed. And computer game Rise of Nations followed the example of other projects, and appeared before the fans in the updated version, called Rise of Nations: Extended Edition. The main feature of this version include the presence of a base game and a complementary part of the Thrones and Patriots. You will be able to enjoy the new nations and unique units, different companies and management methods. Not paid attention to the creators and graphics, worked on the visual effects, smoothing, and other features. The updated version does not require the presence of certain characteristics of the computer. Rise of Nations - a strategy game, which is conducted in real time, and it can safely be called a model of the genre. You will plunge into several periods of development.

In Rise of Nations game, engaging in the development of the nation, it is possible to engage in battle with the enemies, which are significantly lagging behind in weaponry and technology. For example, tanks and knights on the same battlefield look ridiculous. But if your opponent is superior to you - there is no longer a laughing matter. When choosing the nation remember the unique features of each of them. Because it affects the speed of development, and the final outcome of the game. The first version of the project was presented to more than 10 years ago, but its updated version will appeal to modern gamers.
Features repack:
Do not cut and not recoded
Game Version - 1.10
sound crack from New Disc
Softonic text from Translators Team (v1.2 on 11/30/14)
Present MP-Fix for network play
Ability to select a combination of text / voice acting
Extended Edition includes:
Rise of Nations
Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots
System requirements:
√ Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
√ Processor: AMD / Intel 1.6 GHz
√ Memory: 1 GB
√ Video Card: Direct X 10+ Capable GPU
√ Hard drive space: 2.1 GB
On this page you can download the game Rise of Nations torrent free on a PC.