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One of the great benefits to having an application developed on the Java platform is the ability to run it on many different operating systems. While Windows may still be the corporate standard in more shops than not, geeks worldwide know that Apple’s hardware and OS (OS X) are ‘superior.’ With yesterday’s release of Mountain Lion (10.8) I figured this was a good time to do a quick write-up on how to get started with SQL Developer on your [i]Mac[Book Mini].

PL/SQL Developer by IFS Allround Automations is a feature-rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that was designed to help users develop units for Oracle databases using PL/SQL programming. Sadly, there is no version of PL/SQL Developer for Mac, but there are some other tools that can prove to be quite useful. If you reset the Mac Security to an “Anywhere” setting, you can install Oracle SQL Developer on Yosemite. Just make sure you reset it to the “Mac App Store and identified developers” setting after you install SQL Developer. If you launch SQL Developer with the Security “Anywhere” setting, it displays the following dialog. The visualization of Swing components depends heavily on the chosen Look & Feel (e.g. On Windows the progress bar is segmented). The default Look & Feel for SQL Developer is on all platforms “Oracle”. On Windows you may change it to “Windows”, on macOS to “Mac OS X” and on Ubuntu to “Metal”. You can use SQL Developer on a Mac to connect to a database running on Windows or Unix/Linux etc., so it still has a place; the fact you can't have a local server running on the same hardware isn't really relevant for most people.

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But wait, where is the Java?

The Java runtime that had been included with the OS X installs is no longer available in Mountain Lion. As I understand it, even if you had installed your own version of Java, when you upgrade or install 10.8, they will go away.

So if you try to run a previously installed version of SQL Developer, you won’t get very far. Java applications don’t run very well sans Java, tsk, tsk.

So for the n00bs out there (including me), here’s your

Step-By-Step Guide for Installing Java and SQL Developer

Let’s install Java first.

Getting to the download page is your first task. I’ll make it easy for you.

* Yes, I know we officially support 1.6 and not 1.7, but here’s a secret: 1.7 works just fine in version 3.2.20_09 of SQL Developer!

Once it’s downloaded, double-click it.


But wait! Oh no!

Open your preferences, go to the security panel, and select the unsigned software option

Now, we’re cooking with gas! Try double-clicking the download again.

It should go without a hitch. If it does, you’ll see something like this:

Make sure the ‘right’ java is setup and working.

Open a terminal, and run

java -version

If you see ANYTHING but the following…

…you may have a problem.

But this is Apple and OS X, and so it will find Java just fine.

Ok, now we can worry about downloading and installing SQL Developer.

Go here and download ‘Oracle SQL Developer for Mac OSX platforms.

Pl Sql Developer Mac Os X 10 13 Download

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll need to extract it and run it.

Wait a second…

You know it’s going to ‘work’ if you see the splash screen 🙂

But My SQL Developer is Using the Wrong JDK!?

SQL Developer will use whatever Java it can find. If you have the 1.6JDK installed as well, it might find that first. If you want to force it to use the 1.7 you just installed, all you need to do is explore the SQL Developer package, and edit the sqldeveloper-Darwin.conf file in the bin directory.

You may have noticed that Java 1.6 installs to a different directory than 1.7 on OS X.

  • 1.6 – /System/Library/java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/home/
  • 1.7 – /Library/java/javaVirtualMachines/1.7.0.jdk/Contents/Home/

Just update the ‘SetJavaHome’ entry to the version of Java you want SQL Developer to use when it runs.

Pl Sql Developer Mac Os X 10 12 Download

A Few More Notes

You might be wondering why I installed Java 1.7 when we technically only support 1.6. Well, 1.7 will work, and that’s what many of our developer use internally. If you don’t like bleeding edge, feel free to follow the exact same instructions and grab JDK 6 instead.

Sql Developer For Mac

This is one of the first work related blogs I’ve written on my home machine a la Mac. I didn’t have my trusted Windows friend SnagIt at hand, but @brentO turned me onto a free and very handy utility called ‘Skitch.’ It works, and once you forget all the normal Windows application ‘way of doing things,’ is also very intuitive. And it’s free, did I mention that? Thanks Brent!

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If you don’t like that the application title has an underscore in it, e.g. ‘SQL_Developer,’ then here’s a nice post from @martinpaulnash explaining how to fix that too.