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Does anyone know which version of Opcom can program old key to an Agila 2001 with immo 2 system?Key is recognised as old but learning fail. In opcom immobilliser guide you can see 'Learn old key ' option,maybe this feature was removed in newer opcom version? I know that tech2 can do it,but I am interested to do it with opcom. OPCOM 2012 software 120309a firmware V1.45 with the PIC18F458 chip covers almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B. Opcom 2012 will help read and clear fault codes for many control units.

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Automates many common tasks, such as GOODNIGHT, payroll posting, card processing, and ACH processing. Provides automatic notification that can be triggered by many different events, such as changes in the environment or a job starting, stopping, failing, or being delayed. Jun 13, 2017 Opcom v1.59 can program keys also, but you need use Carprog v8.21 or CarProg 10.05 to read pin /security codes from engine ECU. The security code has four digits, and it only contain numbers, from 0 to 9.

Autel IM608 Programming Chevrolet Cruze 2013 All keys lost. Possible to add key without any working key.

Main steps:

1. Read vehicle IMMO data
2.Password reading to get PINCODE
3. Add key

4.Test Remote locking /unlocking key function.

Test Remote locking /unlocking key function.

Tool use: Autel MaxiIM IM608


Car:GM Chevrolet Cruze 2013 USA

How to use Autel IM608 to add a new key for Chevrolet Cruze 2013:

1. Read vehicle IMMO data

Plug IM608 into the OBD2 port of the car

->IMMO->GM->Automatic selection Download driver for hp officejet pro 8600 macwestcoastfree.

Enter the VIN number or press “Read” to obtain the VIN.

Confirm vehicle profile ,then press “OK

Choose the key type” Blade Key”->”1.4T”

2.Password reading to get PINCODE

Hot function->Read immobilizer password->Read immobilizer password(CAN)->Password Reading

1.This feature recommends using USB to connection VCI,otherwise the feature may fail
2.this feature need a network connection in parts of vehicle ,pls ensure the network connection is

Switch the ignition on, press “OK” to continue
System data initializing
please wait.
establishing vehicle communication…

Reading PIN, wait pls …

Pincode read successfully!

3. Add key

Opcom add keypad

->Control unit->Immobilizer(CAN)->Add Key

Then please close all doors and switch the ignition on.

Please input 4-Digit Pin Code, press “OK” to continue

Pls switch the iginition off and remove the key, press OK

4.Test Remote locking /unlocking key function.

Opcom Add Keyboard

Done! Autel IM608 is successfully tested working fine with Chevrolet Cruze 2013 key programming

Opcom Add Key Fob

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