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The Neo Geo is a cartridge-based arcade system board and home video game console released by SNK in 1990.

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See also: FinalBurn Neo, MAME.

There are a variety of arcade emulators available in RetroPie which can emulate Neo Geo games. There are significant differences in performance, compatibility, and configuration between them. If you're getting started with arcade emulation, start by reading Arcade.

This page is a resource for additional details on configuring a dedicated set of Neo Geo ROMs including configuration paths, controls, and the ROM sets which each emulator requires.

EmulatorRom FolderExtensionRequired ROM VersionController Config
lr-fbneoneogeo.7z .zipFB Neo v0.2.97.44-WIP/opt/retropie/configs/neogeo/retroarch.cfg
lr-fbalpha2012neogeo.7z .zipFB Alpha v0.2.97.30/opt/retropie/configs/neogeo/retroarch.cfg
PiFBAneogeo.zipFB Alpha
GnGeo-Pineogeo.zipMAME 0.138/opt/retropie/configs/neogeo/gngeorc

Emulators: lr-fbneo, lr-fbalpha2012, PiFBA, GnGeo-Pi

Refer to the main FinalBurn Neo page for general information on all FinalBurn emulators or the direct links above for in-depth infomation on lr-fbneo, lr-fbalpha2012, or PiFBA. In-depth information on GnGeo-Pi can be found below, which is also linked directly above.

lr-fbneo is the prefered Pi 3/Pi 2 Neo Geo emulator due to its accuracy.

lr-fbalpha2012 is useful for any games that may be running slow in the latest version of lr-fbneo for a Pi 3/Pi 2, and if used exclusively instead of lr-fbneo will allow you to do full system updates without worrying about needing to update your ROM Set, but comes at the cost of inaccuracy such as games having audio issues across the entire library and other issues that have been fixed in the latest version of lr-fbalpha.

PiFBA is recommended for those on a Pi 0 or Pi 1.


Neo Geo Roms Pack 2019

Accepted File Extensions: .7z .zip

Place Neo Geo ROMs in:


Neo Geo ROMs require a BIOS file with the exact same MAME or FB Neo version as the emulator you select. Place the correct with your ROMs in:

Instructions on how to install the Neo Geo Unibios on lr-neo can be found here: lr-fbalpha Neo Geo Bios. The Unibios can be used as documented on the official page at

  • On the Unibios boot screen
    • Neo Geo A+B+C (RetroPad B+A+Y) for BIOS Menu
    • Neo Geo B+C+D (RetroPad A+Y+X) for Test Menu
  • At any time
    • Neo Geo Start+A+B+C (RetroPad Start+B+A+Y) for In-Game Menu

The menus allow you to change various settings like region, dip switch settings for gameplay options like difficulty or blood, and coin or free play settings. Unibios settings will persist after quitting FBA, launching another Neo Geo game, or rebooting RetroPie.


You will configure controls differently depending on which emulator you use:

lr-fbneo and lr-fbalpha2012

lr-fbneo and lr-fbalpha2012 utilise RetroArch configs. Add custom RetroArch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in:

For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration


PiFBA controls are located in:

As there is no menu to configure controllers with PiFBA, like there is with Mame4all, you'll have to edit the aforementioned file manually.

Example fba2x.cfg:


MAME Version: 0.138 (May 2010)
Romsets emulated: 203
GnGeo-Pi DAT File:
GnGeo-Pi Filtered DAT File: pandora_gngeo_084_filtered.zipAll clones non-workingmahjongquiz removed
Romsets emulated: 128

As a caveat, if you're using _gngeo-pi__, the ROMs you have must match the file in located at:

You can only play roms that have the same name as these .drv files, e.g. (rom) and mslug2.drv (data). If the names of these files don't match, GnGeo-Pi will crash. (see the list at the bottom of this page for compatible ROMs)

GnGeo-Pi Controls

Once you've started GnGeo-Pi at least once a file called gngeorc will be created in:

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Neo Geo Roms Pack 2019 Online

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Example Configuration:

List of GnGeo-Pi ROMS: