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Buy Microsoft Project Professional 2016 now! Microsoft Project Professional 2016 is a professional business tool that helps create business projects in collaboration with others. It comprises all Project. Online Help Project Plan 365 for Mac versus Microsoft Project 2016 comparison Project Plan 365 for Mac versus Microsoft Project 2016 c omparison Product Features.

Learn which web browsers and Project Professional client versions are supported to work with Project Online.

Browser Requirements

Project Online is supported to work with the following web browsers:

Microsoft Project 2016 For Mac Oregon
  • Internet Explorer: The most current or immediately previous version.

  • Microsoft Edge: The most current version.

  • Safari, Chrome, or Firefox: The most current version.

Project Professional Requirements

When connecting to Project Online with Project Professional, there will always be a minimum supported build that will be noted to customers. Project Online admins can see what the current minimum supported build number is by looking at the information provided in their Project Online settings :

To check the minimum supported build for Project Professional connectivity

  1. In the Project Online quick launch, select Server Settings.

  2. On the PWA Settings page, in the Operational Policies section, select Additional Server Settings.

  3. On the Additional Server Settings page, in the Project Professional Versions section, under Minimum Versions you can see the minimum supported build numbers for Project Professional clients that can connect to Project Online. These include:

  • Project Professional 2016

  • Project Professional 2019

  • Project Online Desktop Client (subscription version included with Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium licenses)

    All builds that are at or higher than the current minimum build number posted on this page are supported to connect to Project Online.

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    The minimum supported build of Project Professional clients that will connect to Project Online changes over time as updates for new features and fixes are introduced. Always check the Project Professional versions setting on the Additional Server Settings page to see the most current information.

How do I find what Project Professional client and build number I am using?

You need to determine the Project Professional client and build number you are using to find out if the version you have is supported to connect to Project Online.

If you do not readily know what you are using, it can be easy to confuse Project Professional with the Project Online Desktop Client. You can easily check your product and build number though the following procedure.

Microsoft Project 2016 For Mac Oregon Ducks Football

To determine your product and build number

  1. In any open project, select the File menu.

  2. In the left pane of the backstage page, select Accounts.

  3. On the Accounts page, under Product Information:

  • You will see Project Online Desktop Client if you are using the Project Online Desktop Client.

  • You will see Microsoft Project Professional 2016 if you are using Project Professional 2016.

  1. Select About Project.

  2. On the next page that displays, you will see the build number for the Project Professional client you are using at the top of the page.

  • For example, if Product Information shows that you are using the Project Online Desktop Client, 16.0.7629.1000 might display as the build number.

  • As another example, if Product Information shows that you are using Project Professional 2016, 16.0.4266.1001 might display as the build number.

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If you’re still deciding if Parallels Desktop is right for you, continue reading to understand how a program manager utilizes virtualization to run Microsoft Project.

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Microsoft Project 2016 For Mac Oregon

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As an avid personal user of Apple products, Tim also wished to migrate his work life to Mac. However, for most clients he needed to use Microsoft Project as a Gantt chart management tool. Being able to manage multi-project plans is an essential element for any program manager. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project is one of the few pieces of Microsoft software that has not been developed to run on macOS.

After online research, Tim concluded that the only successful way to use Microsoft Project on a Mac was through a Windows virtual machine. He discussed the issue directly with Apple, and they recommended Parallels Desktop as a solution.

Microsoft Project 2016 Mac Download

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Microsoft Office 2016 For Macs

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