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Major Works Data Sheet. Major Works Data Sheet. Hamlet author. William Shakespeare. George Orwell. Jane Eyre major characters. Jane, Rochester, St. Start studying Major Works Data Sheet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games. Jane Eyre major characters. Jane, Rochester, St.

Start studying Major Works Data Sheet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games. Jane Eyre major characters. Jane, Rochester, St. AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment 2013. Complete a Major Works Data Sheet for each. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte. View Notes - Jane Eyre MWDS.doc. Kalloori Movie Song Free Download more. Docx from AP ENG 331 at Ekamai International School. AP English Literature and Composition MAJOR WORKS DATA SHEET Title: Jane Eyre. View Notes - Jane Eyre Summary Sheet from ENGLISH 5 at San Marino High.

Title: Jane Eyre Author: Charlotte Bronte Date of Publication: October 16th, 1847 Literary Period: Victorian Romantic Period Genre: Romantic Describe the setting and then explain the relevance of the setting. Set in nineteenth-century England, the audience sees Jane through her years as a tortured child to her career as a governess as she endures the fight between her own morals and her love as well as her quest for independence in a world restricting women. Themes (These statements should be complete sentences and completely developed ideas) Throughout the novel, Jane searches for a true home and sense of belonging as a rejected orphan and a grown woman. The theme of forgiveness is recognized throughout the novel through Jane's friend Helen Burns who teaches Jane to forgive as well as Jane's own actions of forgiveness of Rochester and her wicked Aunt Reed.

The theme of religion is noted throughout the novel by not only Jane's belief by also through the juxtaposition of Helen Burns, representing loving religion, and Eliza who chooses religion as a detachment. The theme of feminism is seen through the roles of Jane and her search for equality, Bertha and her search for freedom, and Adele who's future is yet to be decided. Plot Summary (Please do not copy and paste. Simply list the high points of the novel) - Consider creating a visual flow chart or graph and posting it here. (Beginning, Middle, End). Jane begins as an orphan tortured by her cousins as she is raised by her Aunt Reed who refuses and neglects her.

After a retaliation against her abusive cousin, John, Jane suffers from a traumatic experience in the Red Room which affects all of her experiences in the future. Jane is sent off to a boarding school called Lowood where the superintendent, Mr. Brocklehurst, deprives children of food and comfort to a point where many fall ill or die while he spoils his own children. At Lowood, Jane meets Helen Burns, a young girl who teaches Jane about forgiving others and modesty. Though Burns dies, she lives on through Jane.

Jane continues her education at Lowood and even becomes a teacher, but when Ms. Temple, Jane's favorite person at the school, leaves to get married, Jane decides to leave as well.

She gets a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall for a young french girl named Adele. After many months of her employment, she finally meets her employer, Rochester, after saving him off of his horse. One night, Jane is sleeping in her bed when a creepy laugh awakens her. She runs down the hall and finds Rochester's room has been lit on fire. Jane develops a relationship with her employer and while he is gone, realizes she is in love with him. A fter Rochester's long absence, he returns with a party of socialites and Blanche Ingram, a girl he is rumored to be dating. Rochester uses Blanche to trick Jane into admitting her feelings for him and eventually dresses up like a gypsy to hear Jane's true feelings.

While Rochester is entertaining his guests, a scream comes from the third story of the mansion and one of Rochester's guests is stabbed. Jane learns of her dying aunt and decides to leave to visit her before her death.

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Rochester continues to pursue Blanche and when Jane returns, she hears that Rochester is to be married. While visiting her aunt, Jane forgives her for being evil to her when she was young although her aunt continues to reject her. Jane also learns what happens to her cousins and understands that if she had not left for Lowood, she may have resulted in one of their lives.

Reed also tells Jane of her uncle who sent for her years before. Jane returns to Thornfield and learns that Rochester intends to marry but he loves Jane and not Blanche.

Hot lava game ps4. At the wedding, Mason barges in and says that Rochester is already married to Bertha, Rochester's mad wife that he keeps locked up in the attic. Deciding between her morals and her love for Rochester, Jane runs away and nearly starves to death as she ventures to the Moor where she discovers she actually has family.


Once healthy, Jane becomes a schoolteacher as she lives with her family members who give her compassion she has never had. Jane is proposed to by her cousin, St. John, who only wishes to marry her because she would be helpful to his cause, not because he loves her. Jane chooses not to go abroad with or marry St. John and inherits money due to her uncle's death. Jane decides to return to Rochester who has been blinded and lost a hand from Bertha's rampage of burning down his home.

Jane and Rochester remain together where she becomes his caretaker and they eventually have a child. Memorable Quotes and their SIGNIFICANCE. 'Women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women feel just as men feel.' (Bronte 129). Exudes feminism and portrays the idea of equality between men and women during the 1800s. 'It is vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility; they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it' (Bronte 129). Jane is always trying to follow her own path and do what she believes she must.

She must go on her own in order to discover herself. 'It is a happy thing that time quells the longings of vengeance and hushes the promptings of rage and aversion' (Bronte 265). Jane is able to forgive her horrid Aunt after she returns to her although her aunt still resents her. Jane has learned forgiveness and how time eases anger. 'I have as much soul as you- and full as much heart!'

(Bronte 292). Jane believes she is to be treated equally to Rochester and has no doubt she can handle as much as he can reinforcing the idea of feminism.

Describe the significance of the opening scene. The novel opens with John Reed abusing Jane as a young girl. John oppresses Jane and symbolizes the oppression of women and the dominance of men in the time period. Because Jane is abused for taking a book, John also symbolizes the education women were denied. As the novel continues, Jane is continually judged for her appearance and her personality and is only praised for her intelligence by Rochester.

Describe the significance of the closing scene. The novel ends reflecting on St. John's mission trip in India as he faces his death in the name of God.

The ending reflects that there are more real and provocative issues than the struggles of relationship or marriage. It also reflects on Jane's servitude and her lack of ability to help St. John as she has helped others.

Describe the author's style and provide examples from the text. Charlotte Bronte reflects Jane's education by writing in an educated and refined style. Her sentence structure is complicated and extended. She writes to show Jane's intelligence and to create an image of an educated woman.

Bronte also juxtaposes fast, short sentences with long, slower ones. 'I never liked long walks, especially on chilly afternoons: dreadful to me was the coming home in the raw twilight, with nipped fingers and toes, and a heart saddened by the chiding's of Bessie, the nurse, and humbled by the consciousness of my physical inferiority to Eliza, John. And Georgiana Reed' (Bronte 9). List importance characters and their significance. Jane Eyre- Jane is the main character and heroine of the story. We see Jane grow throughout the entire novel.

She suffers as a child with her torturous family which traumatizes her. Jane develops character as she learns to stand up for herself and against her nasty aunt and cousins. She is constantly analyzing her own life and looks for cause or purpose. At Lowood, she becomes a talented, educated and skilled woman and learns from Helen Burns who teaches her to be a leader and to forgive. Jane learns to love her enemies and stand up for herself. She is a unique and lonely outsider who gains independence through her misfortunes.

Rochester- Rochester is Jane's soulmate in the novel who has a hidden sin but is ultimately a caring man. He is stern, rude, abrupt, violent and controlling. Although he himself is unattractive, he constantly teases Jane and makes her feel ugly. He does, however, have a genuine character. He is emotionally and ethically weaker than Jane and appreciates Jane's intelligence and her ability to put him in his place. His loss and return of sight symbolizes the wisdom he's gained regarding his morals and returned happiness. John Reed- John is Jane's immature and bullying cousin.

Although he helps Jane develop by learning to stand up to him, he is wasteful and useless. He falls into a great deal of debt from his gambling obsession and constantly threatens his family for more money until he eventually kills himself. Aunt Reed- Mrs. Reed is a spoiled and evil woman who does not care for Jane at all. As the antagonist, she represents Jane's hatred for injustice as she rejects Jane.

Upon her death, Jane learns Christian forgiveness as taught to her by Helen Burns. Bessie- Jane's hot tempered nurse who tells Jane stories and is somewhat of a mother to her. She is compassionate and impatient and connects Jane to her old life with the Reeds. Helen Burns- acts as the Christ figure in the novel; Helen is extremely intelligent, calm, caring, religious, and is a lover, not a fighter. Through her, Jane gains her first real friend and learns to forgive those in her past for their maltreatment of her. She teaches Jane understanding and is a dreamer who comes to Jane's side to comfort her. Miss Temple- Temple is a sort of protector of Jane while she is at Lowood.

Pilot speed into the west review. She gains Jane's loyalty and trust and believes in Jane despite Brocklehurst and Reed's claims. She also encourages Jane's education and acts as a place of refuge for Jane. Brocklehurst- a pompous, meddling, cheap, cruel hypocrite who purposely intimidates children for fun. He is the self-righteous leader of Lowood who judges Jane based off of how Reed describes her and who lets the children of the school become ill and die from disease and starvation while his own children live lavishly. Georgiana Reed- a lovely and beautiful woman who is admired for her looks; she is Jane's selfish cousin who becomes superficial and only cares about herself. She represents passion and dreaming.

Eliza Reed- Eliza is the second of Jane's female cousins who mistreated her as a child. She is very jealous of Georgiana and the two constantly bicker. She is extremely organized and scheduled and has no friendships or love of any kind. She becomes a nun to become emotionally detached, not to feel close to God.

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She prefers to avoid emotion and represents how Jane would most likely have become had she stayed with the Reeds. Blanche Ingram- Blanche is a temptress who's purpose is to reveal the true feelings that Jane and Rochester have for one another through both of their obvious jealousy. She is beautiful, uncaring, rich, and only wants Rochester for his money.

Major Works Data Sheet Jane Eyre

Major Works Data Sheet Jane Eyre Books

John- a clergyman who believes in God and His mission. He has been in passionate love before and gave it up for his religion. He is a good and handsome man with a cold personality who asks Jane to be his wife only because he believes she would be a good missionary wife. He serves as a juxtaposition of Rochester and helps Jane realize what she truly wants. Bertha- Bertha is the crone of the story.

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She portrays a possible alternative ending for Jane and the shocking treatment of women and the insane in this society. She is powerful, passionate, and suppressed. She suffers from insanity and was never loved by Rochester.

Major Works Data Sheet Jane Eyre Audio Book

She represents inequality and suppression and is hidden by Rochester in an attic in order for him to keep his high social status in society. Adele- Adele is a naive, outgoing, and ignored young girl. She is a representation of who Jane wished she could be as a child. Adele is beautiful, outspoken, and exudes innocence. However, Jane and Adele ended up living similar childhoods in terms of emotional neglect.

List important symbols from the work and their significance. Red Room- symbolizes Jane's rebirth from an abused child to a changed independent person. Her attitude is changed and she develops the courage to change her life. It also symbolizes trauma and suffering as well as the change of purity and childhood. Burnt Porridge- the porridge appears during low points of Jane's life to represent a lower level of life; humility and subjection that's unnatural to attain.

Fire- represents passion and sexuality; Bertha's sexuality and lust as well as her desire to destroy Rochester. Ice- cold personality; St.

John and Jane's attitudes towards each other; Jane's anger with injustive. Chestnut Tree- symbolizes Jane and Rochester's relationship as he is not himself without his other half (Jane) and after their separation, they can never fully recover and come back together they way they once were. It also represents their inevitable failure in their relationship and is used as a mark of foreshadowing.