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Leap Motion Mac Download
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Leap Motion Mac Download Cnet

The latest version of Leap Motion is 2.3 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Device Assistants in the System Tools category. The app is developed by Leap Motion, Inc and its user rating is 4 out of 5. Make sure your Leap Motion controller is plugged into your computer. Download and run the firmware reset tool from the Windows button below. Accept the driver installation. The tool will begin restoring your firmware. You will be prompted to unplug, and then reconnect your Leap Motion controller while the utility runs.

Leap Motion Mac Download Software

What's New


Download Leap Motion Driver Mac

  • Greater finger dexterity and fingertip precision

  • Better hand pose stability and reliability Mestrenova serial number lookup.

  • Faster and more consistent initialization

  • Smoother hand and finger movements

  • Improved tracking fidelity on backgrounds and bright lighting

  • More accurate shape and scale for hands

  • Significantly improved performance on embedded “Rigel” devices

  • LeapC is now the officially supported API included in the SDK. LeapAPI has been deprecated

  • Changed the fingertip location in LeapC applications such that the point defines the center of a sphere whose edge is at the fingertip. Previous output was defined such that the point was at the edge of the fingertip

  • Removed LeapCSharp and associated functionality from the SDK. It can now be found as part of UnityModules

  • Removed Leap.dll, all associated language bindings (LeapPython, LeapJava, Objective-C) and samples

  • Added a feature that pauses the device when no clients are connected (note: the Leap Control Panel is a client)

  • LeapC makefile now generates all the samples correctly

  • Fixed a hang at service shutdown

  • Fixed an issue where hands could initialize on top of other hands