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Trouble contacting lansweeper I’m am having a heck of a time contacting the company. I have tried via phone 9 times and left 9 voice mails, I have emailed sales and support several times each and as well and no joy. When the sales team is successful, so is Lansweeper. Your primary job is to remove technical barriers and to make sure the sales team is focused on helping our customers. Have Experience in the.

Discover How You Can Leverage Lansweeper's
IT Discovery, Inventory, and Analytics.

Software Asset Management

IT Discovery: The Prime Directive for SAM. Achieving cost savings & minimizing Software Asset Management compliance risks.


You can't protect what you don't know you have. Learn why IT Discovery is a critical first step in every Cyber Security program.

Cloud Migration Assessment

The most challenging component of a Cloud migration project? The Discovery & Assessment of your current IT infrastructure.

Replacing Spreadsheets

System Administrators who swapped their spreadsheets for a dedicated IT Inventory solution rarely look back.

Network Management

Lansweeper Sales Associate

Understand & control your network in an accessible manner and tackle all network-related tasks.

Rogue Device Detection

Ensuring that unknown and potential rogue devices are detected the moment they enter your organization's network is crucial.

CIS Critical Security Controls®

Lansweeper Sales

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How to Achieve CIS® Compliance with Lansweeper. Leveraging the IT Asset Inventory Database for CIS® Compliance.

Active Directory Audit

Automatically Scan Active Directory Computer & AD User Information. Perform an Active Directory Audit in No Time.

Installing Software & Patches

Build a comprehensive Software Inventory to effectively manage software updates, OS rollouts, and patches.

Going Beyond MAP Toolkit

With MAP Toolkit's future no longer supported, what are thousands of users and service partners supposed to do?

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Lansweeper is an agentless IT Asset Management solution that can scan any network setup. Target IP ranges, set up AD integrated scanning, specify crucial servers to be scanned, and so much more! Get a complete inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, switches, monitors, printers, VoIP phones, and several other network devices. A wealth of information on hardware as well as software is scanned and available for reporting. Use the inventory to automatically deploy software and run command lines on the assets using the integrated deployment feature. Get the info, find the issues and pro-actively fix them. Simplify and automate day-to-day, time-consuming tasks or get an update on that global project you are running, Lansweeper offers you the tools.

Additionally, the Lansweeper Help Desk is fully integrated with the mature IT Asset Management solution. This perfect match provides a single-sign-on environment for any communication related to your network. Tickets tied to assets provide a means of professionally logging and documenting all related cases, while the IT inventory empowers the ticketing system by instantly fetching relevant information scanned throughout your network.