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Next, Enter your Google Account username and password. Afterward, Tap on the Sign In. Then Choose a new password and unlock your device. Finally, Your phone will be unlocked. Here is the complete guide about Unlock Android Phone with Google Account. Reset with Code. You can reset your Itel phone with these codes. Thanks to the FRP lock, the phone becomes unavailable if the person who performs a factory reset doesn’t have the credentials of the Google account which was previously used to log on the phone. They will get the “ This device was reset, to continue to sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device ” message. Android Unlock is the best app to bypass Android lock screen without Google account. With it, you can remove Android lock screen very quickly. And it supports 4 screen lock types: Pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints lock. Even if you have a Google account, if your phone isn’t connected to the internet you cannot access it to unlock your phone. If this sounds familiar, you can always try this method. First, navigate to the Android Device Manager page. You will need to sign in with the Google account that you use to set up your phone.

If your phone is not linked with google account. Itel Reset Code. How to unlock the phone without loosing any data if you forget the password.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) also known as Activation Lock is a security feature to protect your Android device from unauthorized access. This was introduced on android devices with android version 5.1 and higher.FRP is automatically activated when you set up a google account on your device. Once FRP is activated, it prevents use of a device a factory data reset(hard reset)until you login with the same google account or gmail account.

Requirement Needed For The FRP Bypass

1. Wifi connection

2. A Sim Card

Steps To Bypass FRP On Itel A14


1. Insert a Sim Card into the phone

2. Then connect to a hotspot by making use of another WiFi Connection.

3. After it is successfully connected, now go back to the welcome page and click on emergency call icon.

4. Double tap on Emergency information

5. You should now have access to choose and edit a contact from the sim card you inserted earlier.

6. Tap on the 3 dot at the edge of the contact editing.

7. Click on share, this should pop up some apps you can share with, long press MMS.

8. Now you have tap App info,scroll down and select SMS app.

9.Click on Opening links,scroll down and select Youtube.Now click on Youtube.

10.Click notifications then you will see a setting icon,select it the click on about then youtube terms of services.

11.You will be brought to chrome browser tap accept-next-no thanks then search

12.Download frp bypass applications.

Download google account manager apk

Download Frp Bypass apk

  • Wait until downloading finish.
  • After that, tap on “right top Conner” from your chrome browser then select downloads
  • There you can see both downloaded applications .
  • Tap on “Google Account Manager ”.
  • Wait few seconds until you receive “Tecno Internet” popup window.
  • Tap on “Settings”, and then enable the option of “Allow from this source”.
  • Now tap on “Back key”.
  • Tap on > Next > Next >Install > Done.

Congrats, we have installed google account manager successfully.

  • Tap on “and FRP Bypass app” app to install it.
  • Tap to > Install > Open.
  • Now you will “Retype Password” screen, simply tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Browser Sign-in”.
  • Now you will have “Google Sign in” screen.
  • Sign in there with your any valid gmail account to bypass google account All Tecno.
  • After restart your Tecno device & complete initial setup to access your device easily.

With the above step you should be able to bypass Tecno FRP without much effort, in case you don’t understand the steps, go through this video below for better understanding, please show little appreciation in the comment below or ask questions to grant our effort and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more solutions.

Google verification is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android. Generally, Android users wouldn't notice that their phones are protected by Factory Reset Protection until they need to verify Google account to access their phones. Now follow this tutorial to get a better understanding of FRP, including: how it works, how to enable or disable FRP, moreover, how to bypass Google account verification (FRP) on Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE and more if you forget the Google account and password on your phone.

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How to Factory Reset An Android Phone

Part 1: How Does Google Verification (Factory Reset Protection) Work?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP), also known as Google account verification, is a feature added to Android device since Android Lollipop. Most stock Android models are equipped with this feature. Once you enable FRP on your phone, when you or others try to set up the phone after factory reset in recovery mode, the phone will require you to verify your account. You must enter Google username and password to access the phone. You could see the following page.

Tip: Resetting your Android phone to factory settings will wipe out all data in your phone, so you may want to back up important files to computer before resetting. Android Data Backup & Restorecan help you with that.

FRP is designed to make sure that no one can easily wipe out the data and factory reset your phone if the phone is lost or stolen. It is a good thing, which make our Android device less tempting to the thieves. However, FRP could also be a headache sometimes. For example, when we totally forget the FRP and send the phone to the next user(a friend or a ramdom guy that buys the phone), we may end up having to share our Google account temporarily with others. Luckily, it is very easy to disable FRP on Android device.

Part 2: How to Enable and Disable Factory Reset Protection

FRP is automatically enabled once you have added a Google account to your phone. To add a Google account:

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Accounts' > 'Add and account' > 'Google'. Then enter the username and password of your account to add the account.

To disable FRP, you just have to remove Google account from your phone.

  • On your Android phone, go to 'Settings' > 'Accounts' > 'Google', choose the google account that you have added and find 'Remove account' by clicking the icon on the top right corner.

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To conclude, before you send your phone to the next user, you should first remove Google accountfrom your phone to disable FRP, then you wipe out all data in your phone. In this way, the next user can set up the phone without stopping by FRP.

Tip: to avoid the trouble of FRP, you should not factory reset your phone in 24 hours after you have recently changed the Google password associated to your phone. Due to security reason, Android wouldn't allow you to set up your phone with a Google password that is newly reset within 24 hours.

Part 3: How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung, LG, and More(No APK)

If you forget the password after factory reset, how to bypass Goolge verification without Google account?Some hackers have figured out ways to bypass FRP without computer, APK or OTG. Here are two simple tricks that might work for you. You can bypass Google verification on Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Nexus and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As Google keeps patching security holes in Android with new updates, the methods might not work on newer Android versions. And since Android is customized by manufacturers on different phone(Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.), the FRP bypass methods don't work on all Android phones.

How To Unlock Itel Phone Without Google Account Registration

Method 1: Bypass Google Account via OEM Unlocking

Step 1 When you see the FRP page that requires you to enter the Google account previously synced to the phone, long press the @ on the keyboard until a window pops up.


Step 2 Tap 'Google Keyboard Settings' on the pop-up window.

Step 3 Click on the three dot on the upper right and choose 'Help & Feedback' item. Select a ramdom item and long press to copy some of the text. You will see a web search icon on the upper right. Click the icon and on the search field appearing, type 'Settings'.

Step 4 You'll then enter the 'Settings' app of the phone. Go to 'Developer Options' (if the option is not in the list, tap on 'Build Number' 7 times to pull out 'Developer Options' ) and allow 'OEM Unlocking'.

Step 5 Long press the 'Power' button to reboot the phone. When setting up the phone, inteads of the FRP page, you'll see 'Add your account' page. Add a Google account and you can enter the device now.

Method 2: Bypass Google Verification via Reset

Step 1 On Verifying your account page, return to Select Wlan Network page and add a new network.

Step 2 Type a line of random characters on Network SSID. Long press the characters and choose Share.

Google Account Unlock My Device

Step 3 On the pop-up page, long press Gmail and it will shows Gmail's App info. Choose Notification > App Settings.

Step 4 Tap three dots icon and choose Manage Account. You will see the below notification. Tap Continue to enter Settings.

Step 5 On Settings, choose Backup & Reset > Factory data reset. After the reset, Google account will be removed from the phone.

Part 4: FRP Bypass APK to Bypass Google Account Lock

If the method doesn't work for you, you may use FRP bypass APK to remove Google account verification. There are many tools developed to bypass Google account on Samsung, LG, Nexus, Huawei, Alcatel and more. Basically, most FRP bypass apps help you to remove Google account lock in the following steps.

Step 1 Choose a suitable FRP bypass app, such as FRP Bypass APK, Pangu FRP Bypass APK. Some of them are not free to use.

Step 2 Download the bypass tool on a USB drive.

Step 3 Connect the USB drive to the phone via OTG cable. Then install the APK. After installing the FRP bypass app, you can get access to phone settings and erase everything, including Google account on the phone.

How To Unlock Itel Phone Without Google Account Information

Tip: If you don't have a OTG cable, you can also use a FRP bypass tool with computer.

If you have more question, leave a comment below.