How To Open A Keygen Exe File On Mac

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    • 1.1 5 Ways to Open Exe file on Mac:

Do you want to run certain applications that only run in windows and not any other device? Tired of switching to Windows OS when you want to play some games?


If yes, then you are in the right place. But before knowing about how to open .exe files on Mac. Let us know about EXE files.

Exe File

The .exe word is the short form of the word “Executable”. This type of file is certainly found with the DOS, Windows OS, and other platforms.

These files can contain a variety of data from bitmaps, resources, bat commands, icons, and other components of an application. For most of the applications, it acts as a launch button.

The file type of .exe can also be compressed with the help of executable compressors like the CUP386 and UNP.Exe file format is widely used for containing different types of viruses which can harm the devices or the platform too.

On windows, The .exe file can be opened very easily just by double-clicking on the .exe file. Another application that is used to open .exe files is CorelDraw actually it can open the .exe file and modify it very easily.

5 Ways to Open Exe file on Mac:

Most of the .exe files are generally designed for windows users but most of the time it can also be used by the mac for certain purposes.

First, let us look at the in-built ways in which we are there to help mac users run a windows application.

1.) Parallel Desktop:

This software is inbuilt software in mac. This can be run and applied for the instance, as it does not require any restart of the Mac device to get the windows application running.

However, a copy of the Microsoft is required to install the OS in the parallel desktop application and use it. Given below are the detailed steps in how to use the parallel desktop.

  • Go to mac application folder then open the parallel desktop.
  • Click on file Then new.
  • Click on the “install windows or another os from image file or DVD “button.
  • Click on continue and browse for the location where you stored the OS. (you can easily install it from the USB drive or the DVD).
  • Click on continue after selecting the os you want to install.
  • It will ask for the product key usually written on the backside of the DVD.
  • You will then be asked to fill in the details for which you will use the windows os.
  • Click on continue after that and the windows installation process will begin. After the os is being installed then click on the Power button which will launch the parallel virtual machine.
  • Once the Windows OS is installed then launch parallel desktop, every time you need to run .exe file on mac or to use the Windows OS.

2.) CrossOver MAC:

It is one of the oldest applications used to run the .exe file on windows. It was first launched in the year 2007. It is like a way to run windows applications without having windows OS.

This application is also very time efficient as you want to wait for the Windows OS to install and run the OS each time you want to run windows .exe files.

However, this application cant is the complete replacement of the windows OS, but the most common features of the windows os are generally included in this application ( around 90% ).

They also have a compatibility list of the application which it could run easily. The amazon link for this application is Crossover Mac on amazon.

3.) File Juicer:

It is not like an actual application to run .exe files but it searches for the images, flashes, or some other animations to run some part of the .exe file.

ZIP and RAR files are the most common files which are present on the .exe file which is generally self extracted whenever the file is run.

Some pc applications also called the Pocket PC application which is the only runner on windows can also be open which the help of the file juicer as it extracts the CAB files in them and later you can run them on Pocket PC inbuilt application on Mac OS.

4.) Virtual Box:

We all know about virtual box, it is an application that is used to run Many different OS on a certain platform. It virtualizes the entire OS on the platform so that the user can use all of its features.

However, to use windows OS on the virtual box and use it on Mac you will need a copy of windows OS and Virtual Box for Mac os is easily available on the internet.

How To Open A Keygen Exe File On Mac Download

You will at least need 30-40 GB of space and later you will need more space to store your apps and other things. Another con of this is you will need to run the Virtual box each time you want to use the Windows applications.

5.) WINE:

One of the most common applications which are used to run the windows applications on mac. The Wine application is also updated frequently running on the current version of 5.0.3.

One of the famous sayings of the developers of the wine is “Wine is not an emulator“, which is capable of running many Windows applications on several POSIX- based operating systems including mac.

Instead of stimulation a virtual environment to run the windows application, it converts the Windows API calls into POSIX calls which can be easily understood by the mac OS.

It can be easily integrated into Mac os and then you can also use the double click to open windows application just like windows. The download link for the WINE application is WINE FOR MAC OS.

According to my, Wine is the of the best ways to run the windows application on the Mac os. However, if you want to use the full features of the Windows Os on mac then go with the Virtual Box option. Hope you found this article informative. See you next time! Thank you.

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Summary: As you know, .exe files are Windows-based executable files that run only on a Windows PC. So, if you want to open .exe files on your Mac, you need special techniques to do so. Learn how to open .exe files on Mac using some tried and tested methods mentioned in this post. Also, download free Mac data recovery software to recover lost .exe files.

A lot of time, you need to run Windows software on your Mac. You can do this by downloading a specialized tool that lets you open .exe files on your macOS. Or, you can install a Virtual Machine that allows you to run Windows 10 on your macOS Big Sur or earlier, then run the .exe file on it. Another way is to install Windows 10 on your Mac by using the Boot Camp partition. These special techniques are presented next.

Use a Compatibility Software that Runs .EXE Files on macOS

You can use a compatibility software that can run Windows-based .exe files on your macOS. The software adds a compatibility layer to your Mac without emulating Windows hardware. It can translate Windows commands to macOS commands without reducing your Mac performance. One such software is WineBottler, which is open-source and free. Google the software, then download and install it on your Mac. Launch the software to install and run popular Windows programs on your Mac. You can also secondary-click the .exe file and open it with WineBottler to run the executable file on your macOS. Besides, with WineBottler, you can leverage CrossOver software to run .exe files on your macOS Big Sur or earlier. The software is not free, unlike WineBottler, but CrossOver has a simplified user interface.

Use a Virtual Machine on macOS to Run .EXE Files

How to open a keygen exe file on mac download

Another way to open .exe files on the macOS environment is to use a virtual machine software that emulates Windows hardware. Mazda 6 mirror link download pc. The software can affect your Mac performance, so you should avoid this method if you have an erstwhile Mac model. For newer Macs, virtual machine software can help run Windows 10 without much performance loss. One popular virtual machine software that you can use on your Mac to run .exe files is VirtualBox. The software is open-source and free. Besides VirtualBox, you can employ VMWare Fusion Player to launch Windows software from the Dock. It has more features than VirtualBox and can be used by home users for free.

Use Boot Camp Partition to Install Windows 10 and Run .EXE Files

You can use the Boot Camp partition to install Windows 10 operating system on your Mac. The minimum requirement for a Boot Camp partition is 64 GB (recommended 128 GB) free storage. Whenever you need to open a .exe file or run Windows software, start or restart your Mac and select the Windows boot option; else continue with macOS. The advantages of this method over others are that you can open any .exe files without any trouble, and you won’t face any performance issues with your Mac. The only disadvantage with this method is that you need to restart your Mac every time you wish to run .exe files.

Lost .exe files on your Mac? Use a Data Recovery Software

You can also lose your valuable Windows files from the Boot Camp partition due to accidental file deletion, partition loss, drive formatting, and other logical data loss scenarios. In case you have lost your Windows files from the Boot Camp partition, you can use a free data recovery software for Mac to recover them. Steps are as follows:

How To Open A Keygen Exe File On Mac Os

a) Install and launch *Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac software on your MacBook, Mac mini, or iMac.

How To Open A Keygen Exe File On Mac File

b) Watch the following video to recover your lost or deleted files (including .exe files) on macOS Big Sur.

*Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac helps free scan, free preview, and up to 1 GB free file recovery. To recover more, you need to upgrade the software to the professional or premium edition. Also, all Stellar products have a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case.


How To Open A Keygen Exe File On Mac Windows 10

Now you know how to open .exe files on your Mac. In case you need to recover your lost or deleted files from Windows via Boot Camp partition, use Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac to recover it. The software is fully compatible with macOS Big Sur and earlier.