How To Download And Install Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

  • Developer: Eidos
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (2002)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
  • Editor Rating:
  • User Rating: 9.6/10 - 5 votes
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It is pretty crazy that as I write this Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is nearly 20 years old! I remember the time this game was released it was a huge deal in the gaming world. The first Hitman game came out of nowhere and was a massive hit, so gamers were very excited to see what antics Agent 47 would be getting up to this time.

No Time To Rest Agent 47

The game is a direct sequel to the first Hitman game. Agent 47 is trying to live a quiet life and he wants to put his contract killing ways behind him. This all goes to hell when his friend is kidnapped and held for ransom. Agent 47 wants to help his friend, but also find out who is doing this, why and more about his strange existence. It is great stuff indeed and it worked wonders at fleshing out the lore the first game created.

Hitman silent assassin pc

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. It is the second entry in the Hitman series and the sequel to Hitman: Codename 47. Developer: IO Interactive. Action in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is additionally significantly added. Indeed, in some act of God situations, you'll need to fight against an enemy that's already outnumbered and has more weapons. Guide to download and install the game. Sep 07, 2020 Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Pc download free. full Game. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Pc Download Free is the 2002 released action, adventure, fighting and stealth role playing game. The game is developed by I.O Interactive Entertainments and Eidos Interactive Ltd published the game world wide. It is the second main entry of the Hitman Games series.

Next-Gen Power

The leap from the first game to Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is pretty huge in terms of the game’s visuals. I know looking back not it might seem strange to fawn all over the visuals of the game. However, this was quite the looker for its time. The character models had a lot of detail to them, but it was the world that they created which was really impressive. From snow that actually looked like snow to rain bouncing off the floor. This was a very impressive looking game for its time and to be fair, it does not look all that bad now either.

As well as looking good, this game also sounds good too. Agent 47 sounds like a badass, but the whole game has some very stellar voice acting. As well as great voice acting. The sound design, in general, is awesome. This was a game when I played back on the original Xbox, I had connected to my surround sound as the bullet and gun sounds packed a real punch to them.

It Is Your Mission!

The gameplay on offer in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is a really slow burn. It is the kind of game that will take a while for you to get into a groove with and if you try to play every mission, all guns blazing. You are going to die many, many times. Do not get me wrong, you will fail many times. However, each one can be a learning experience. You can use disguises, get into prime positions, and learn the behavior of characters in order to complete your mission.

There is a lot of variety to the missions and I found that even playing the game on the normal difficulty was one hell of a challenge. You can use many different guns which is cool, but I wish this game had some great hand to hand combat to go along with the shooting. I will admit that by today's standards the controls are a bit rough, but after a short while, you do get used to them.

I was all in with this game back when it was first released. I feel that if you played Hitman 2 Silent Assassin back in the day, you will find that the game has held up pretty well. Those going into this for the first time may have a bit of trouble getting to grips with the gameplay which I will admit is a tad dated by today's standards. Overall, I enjoyed playing through this again and it brought back a lot of fun memories of this game when it first was released.

Final Score


  • The story is like something out of a movie
  • There is a lot of variety to the places you go
  • I feel that the visuals for the time were very impressive
  • Great voice acting and sound design in general
  • You have a lot of freedom in how you go about the missions


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How To Download And Install Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Pc Download

  • The game is very dated in terms of the gameplay
  • Not sure you would play through it multiple times

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, Processor: PIII 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Free hard drive space: 800 MB, DirectX-compliant Sound Card DirectX 8.1 3D Video Card 16MB

OS: Windows 9x, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

How To Download And Install Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Torrent

Game Features:Single game mode