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What is Honda HDS?
Honda HDS (Honda & Acura Diagnostic System) is the latest diagnostic software for Honda vehicles. Diagnostic functions available for vehicles of HONDA/ACURA from year 1992 to 2007. Test coverage: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc. HDS supports CAN BUS system, and it can re-program the Auto ECU.

Honda HDS Functions List:

Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory

  1. FlashProManager is Windows software for use with the FlashPro. FlashProManager allows you to. Load, save and edit ECU calibrations; Reflash your ECU.
  2. The Official Honda Site. Purchase Honda or Acura Genuine Accessories and Parts directly from your local dealer through eStore.
  3. V3.103.066 HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool for Honda, Comes with USB to RS232 converter, allows you to use it on any computer or laptop. Supports Honda vehicles from 1992-2020, can read and decode fault codes from control blocks memory.
  4. Hello Rob, Ive tested this function briefly and here is what i found. There are many apps that are compatible with the head-unit. They however live on your phone rather than downloaded on the limited storage capacity hard drive of the head unit. Netflix, YouTube etc. They each have a unique interface on the head-unit (via CarPlay or Android Auto when your phone is plugged) where you can.

Deleting fault codes

Displays system current parameters in digital form

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Combined displaying of data

Management of executive devices

Logs keeping – writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
Special functions – changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

Honda HDS Functions Supported by OBD-II Protocols
Mode $01 – Displays system current parameters in digital form (up to 8 parameters at once)

Mode $02 – Displays parameters of freeze frame

Mode $03 – Reading and decoding of fault codes from control block? memory

Mode $04 – Deleting of fault codes (memory clearing)

Mode $05 – Displays results of oxygen sensors

Mode $06 – Displays results of changeably controlled systems and components

Mode $07 – Displays results of constantly controlled systems and components

Mode $08 – Management of executive devices

Mode $09 – Displays car identification info

Honda HDS PC Requirements:

Laptop or desktop computer

Intel or AMD processor: 2.0 GHz or higher

Keyboard & mouse

Memory (RAM): 1GB or higher

Hard Drive Space: 20 GB or more

Floppy Drive: not required

USB: 1.0 or higher

Network Card: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

Optical Drive: 8x DVD-ROM

Video Resolution: see Display Requirements

Sound Card: 1 channel audio or higher

Internal or external audio speakers

Honda HDS Support Vehicle List:

Imac software update 2018. Support Honda vehicles from 1992-2016 year

Honda HDS software, free download:

Honda HDS 3.104 Download here:

Honda HDS 3.104.002+I-HDS+ECU Rewrite+Immobilizer Tool (paid version)

Honda HDS 3.102.051 Download:

Here is new HDS 3.102.051 and latest ihds, and also latest J2534 rewrite:

About the immo, i think, must be hacked for ihds, because still doesn’t work even using the latest one.

Honda HDS 3.102.038 Download:

Honda HDS HIM Software Installation Guide:

Honda HDS Hardware:

#1V3.101.015 HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool For Honda With Double Board

#2Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool

Honda Download Manager Software

#3HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool

Honda HDS Support Language:

Honda download manager loginManager



Spanish, French







Honda Hds Download Manager

And here are some Honda HDS Test Cases:

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