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Step 1
Connect USB Pen Drive (1GB or more)

Step 2
Download and Run USB Disk Storage FormatUSBFormat.zip (34KB)

Window 7 format cd download - In case your computer breaks down, you need a floppy disk to make it run again. Ultimate boot CD is a solution for you. It is a tool with all diagnostic utilities to backup and recovers your system. Though floppy disks are no longer used, sometimes. Download Software for Free. Home; Softwares. Hiren’s Boot CD PE. Download Hiren’s Boot CD PE ISO Latest Version (64-Bit) February 3, 2020. Nov 24, 2020 Hiren's. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Hiren’s BootCD is a collection of commonly used gadgets burned on compact discs and will provide you with a wide variety of tools when confronted with system issues. These tools cover a wide range of capabilities from data recovery, partitioning, debugging system boot issues to duplication of information, virus tracking, component testing.

Step 3
Download grubinst_guigrub4dos.zip (179KB) and Run as Administrator

Step 4
Insert the BootCD (10.3 or newer) in the CD Drive and Copy everything from CD to USB Flash Drive

Step 5
Copy grldr and menu.lst from grub4dos.zip (or from HBCD folder) to the usb drive

Step 6
Test Your USB Drive (read bottom of the page for troubleshoot)


Make sure you set your computer to boot from USB Flash Drive

To Enter the BIOS press the 'Del' button on your keyboard. Alternatives are'F1', 'F2', 'Insert', and 'F10'. Some PC's BIOS might even require a differentkey to be pressed. Commonly a PC will show a message like'Press [Del] to enter Setup' to indicate that you need to press the 'Del' key.Some AMI BIOS require you to enable the option 'USB Keyboard Legacy support'!


  • Go to 'Feature Setup'. 'Enable' these options: 'USB Function Support',
    'USB Function For DOS' and 'ThumbDrive for DOS'. Go to 'Advanced Setup'.
    Set the '1st Boot Device' to 'USB RMD-FDD'.
    Reboot the PC and it now should boot from the Usb Stick.
  • Go to 'USB Mass Storage Device Configuration'. Select 'Emulation Type'
    and set it to 'Harddisk'. Go to the 'Boot Menu' and set the '1st boot device' to 'USB-Stick'. Exit the BIOS, saving the changes.
    you can try 'Emulation Type' to 'Floppy' or 'Forced FDD'.


  • Go to 'Advanced BIOS Features'. Go to the '1st Boot device' and set it to 'USB-ZIP'.


If you cannot install grub4dos (or you get 'cannot run background program' message) then use syslinux to boot grub4dos

PublisherHiren’s BootCD
Latest Version1.0.1
File Size1.3GB
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
User Rating (2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

Have you ever experienced when turning on a notebook or computer, but the screen display remains black and only displays the logo of the notebook or motherboard.

It could be damage to the storage device (hard drive) or the operating system itself, it could also be damage to other hardware, so how do you deal with problems like this? You also cannot enter the operating system. To overcome this problem, you need supporting software such as Hiren’s Boot CD.

For most computer users may never hear this application, because Hiren’s Boot CD users are usually computer technicians who use it to repair computers that have damage to the operating system or hard drive.

The process of its use is indeed not like in general applications, considering Hiren’s Boot CD is a program that runs through a bootable media. In the Hiren’s Boot CD package, there are various application packages that function for system repair needs.

Features and Highlights

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Until now, the development of Hiren’s Boot CD software has reached the latest version, where the GUI features have been using Windows 10 following the development of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Previously Hiren’s Boot CD used the Windows XP GUI display because it made it easier to use to be more familiar and now uses Windows 10’s display for the same purpose, which is to facilitate users in using Hiren’s Boot CD.

Actually, in Hiren’s Boot CD there are various kinds of application software that functions for repair needs, but the most popular among computer users when using Hiren’s Boot CD is to save data.

Because on Hiren’s Boot CD there is a feature that you can use to save essential data from your computer even though you cannot boot into the operating system. From the name alone, we should be able to find out how Hiren’s Boot CD works. If you want to use Hiren’s Boot CD, you must make the Hiren’s Boot CD file installed on a bootable media (CD / DVD or flash drive). Give up robot 2gaming potatoes.

Hirens Boot Cd Download 15.3

Download Hiren’s Boot CD

Ym Version 9

When operating Hiren’s Boot CD using a CD disc and accessing it via CD ROM, but in the latest version, Hiren’s Boot CD can be run via a bootable flash drive, so that it will be easier for you to use Hiren’s Boot CD.

Version 9 Yahoo

Given the current development of many notebooks that do not have DVD ROM, so this makes the developer Hiren’s Boot CD to innovate so that Hiren’s Boot CD can be run via a flash drive. And the most important thing is Hiren’s Boot CD is open source, which means you can download and use Hiren’s Boot CD for free without having to buy any license.