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I have no idea what the rest of you post means, only this part.

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I logged in to my Garmin account, started downloading updates to my computer, then got prompted to connect my GPS to my computer and couldn't go any further. Because my computer didn't see GPS. Still have that message and nothing went to GPS.

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Disconnect the GPS and restart your Mac. Once you are at the desktop cponnect the GPS by USB port. Open a Finder window and do you see the GPS's micro SD card or internal storage as a connected drive? If not try another USB port. If you get the same thing , the GPS doesn't show up, try some other USB device in each port, like a USB thumb drive. Do those other devices show up as connected?

When you connect the GPS does it turn on by itself? If not first turn it on then nconnect it. Does the image on the screen of the GPS change to one that has a computer on it? I've never worked with the model Garmin you have buy I have a 1500, I think, And I have no problems connecting it to my Mac. But I do have the Garmin Express program installed and a Plugin (not sure what the plugin is for).

Garmin Express Mac Download

Look in your Applications folder for Garmin Express. Do you see it? If not download it from the Garmin website and install it.

Garmin Connect For Pc Download

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