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The FANUC LR Mate 100iB is a five-axis, electric servo-driven robot and a mini industrial robot. The LRMate 100iB RJ3iB tabletop size provides for dexterity and high speed. The LR Mate 100iB RJ3iB is capable of a wide variety of tasks in a broad range of industrial and commercial applications, including machine tending and part transfer processes.

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Acces PDF Fanuc Robot Lr Mate 200ib Maintenance Manual File Type Fanuc Robot Lr Mate 200ib Maintenance Manual File Type If you ally dependence such a referred fanuc robot lr mate 200ib maintenance manual file type ebook that will give you worth, get the totally best seller from us currently from several preferred authors. Fast at handling small payloads, this compact multi-purpose industrial robot offers an enhanced reach. Like all LR Mate robots, it is also available with a range of options including integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality, special application packages and standard IP67 protection.

The FANUC LR Mate100iB features high joint speed maximizes throughput, has an absolute encoder positioner which eliminates homing at power-up, it is structured with the same footprint and wrist bolt pattern as last generation of robots for no hassle upgrades, and has machine vision for guidance and inspection.

Robots to help you reach your manufacturing goals in any industry. FANUC has the robotics products and expertise to help you succeed. With more than 100 robot models and over 40 years of helping manufacturers achieve their production goals, we're ready for any manufacturing challenge in. Fanuc Robot Lr Mate 200ib The versatile FANUC LR Mate 200iB, a robot in the FANUC line, is a compact, modular construction, table-top robot that can be used for a variety of applications. The 200iB robot is electric servo-driven and has a six-axis arm with many different mounting capabilities. FANUC LR Mate 200iB - RobotWorx - Industrial Robot.

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Furthermore, the hollow joint construction encloses all cables and hoses which eliminates snagging and increases reliability. For ease of integration, the end effector connections are built directly into the wrist. Two double-acting solenoid valves are integrated into the forearm therefore simplifying the EOAT dressout. Sealed bearings and reliable brushless AC motors contribute to the reliability of this arm.

This robot can flip over backwards for a larger work envelope and has upright, angle, wall or invert mounting options for installation flexibility.

RobotWorx also specializes in used LR Mate 100iB robots that have each gone through a rigorous reconditioning process. Every refurbished LR Mate 100iB comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.

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Fanuc Robot Lr Mate 200ib Manual Pdf

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