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Editors Keys for Shortcut Keyboards, Backlit Video Editing Keyboards, USB Microphones, Final Cut Pro X Keyboard, Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard, Pro Tools Keyboard, Logic Keyboards, Cubase Keyboard Mac Keyboard Covers & Surface Keyboard Covers and Headphones and Vocal Booth. 5) Press the key to assign on the keyboard, and click Close. White keys indicate that they have no shortcuts assigned. If you click a key that has other operations assigned, a dialog box to confirm whether to change the current setting appears. The shortcuts you have entered are displayed at the Assign item. 6) Set each item and click OK. Designed for EDIUS Pro 8/9/10 and EDIUS Workgroup 8/9/10 Color: black with colored keys (sorted by function) Connections: USB, incl.

Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are listed by operation category. Preview - Player. EDIUS World Home Where to Buy Try EDIUS 8 Support Manual FAQ.

Shortcut keys ABCs

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Shortcut keys help provide an easier and quicker method of navigating and executing commands in the computer software. Shortcut keys are performed by using the Alt key (on IBM compatible computers), Command (on Apple computers), Ctrl key, or Shift key in conjunction with another key. The de facto standard for listing a shortcut is listing the modifier key, a plus symbol, and another key. In other words, 'Ctrl+S' is telling you to press and hold the Ctrl, and then press the S at the same time.

You can also find the shortcut keys in popular programs by looking for underlined letters in their menus. For example, the file menu image has an underline on the 'F' in File, which means you can press the Alt key and F key to access the file menu.

Some programs require the user to press and hold Alt to see the underlined characters. In the image above, you can see that some of the common features, such as Open (Ctrl+O) and Save (Ctrl+S), have shortcut keys assigned to them. As you begin to memorize shortcut keys, you'll notice that many applications share them. We have a list of the most commonly shared ones in the basic PC shortcut keys section.


Non-English versions of Microsoft Windows may not be able to use all of the below shortcut keys.

Basic PC shortcut keys

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys that work with IBM compatible computers and software. We highly recommended that all users keep a reference to these shortcut keys or try to memorize them. Doing so will dramatically increase your productivity.


Besides the special character shortcuts listed here, some are also on the number keys (below the F1 - F12 keys). You can enter these special characters by pressing the Shift key and the number key with the special character listed on it.

Shortcut KeysDescription
Alt+FFile menu options in current program.
Alt+EOpen Edit options in current program.
Alt+TabSwitch between open programs.
F1View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).
F2Rename a selected file.
F5Refresh the current program window.
Ctrl+DBookmarks the current page in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+NCreate a new or blank document in some software, or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+OOpen a file in the current software.
Ctrl+ASelect all text.
Ctrl+BChange selected text to be bold.
Ctrl+IChange selected text to be in italics.
Ctrl+UChange selected text to be underlined.
Ctrl+FOpen find window for current document or window.
Ctrl+SSave current document file.
Ctrl+XCut selected item.
Shift+DelCut selected item.
Ctrl+CCopy selected item.
Ctrl+InsCopy selected item
Ctrl+YRedo last action.
Ctrl+ZUndo last action.
Ctrl+K Insert hyperlink for selected text.
Ctrl+PPrint the current page or document.
HomeGoes to beginning of current line.
Ctrl+HomeGoes to beginning of document.
EndGoes to end of current line.
Ctrl+EndGoes to end of document.
Shift+HomeHighlights from current position to beginning of line.
Shift+EndHighlights from current position to end of line.
Ctrl+Left arrowMoves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl+Right arrowMoves one word to the right at a time.
Ctrl+EscOpen the Start menu.
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpen Windows Task Manager.
Alt+F4Close the currently active program.
Alt+EnterOpen the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.).

PC shortcut keys for special characters

Many special characters can be created using keyboard shortcuts. Below are some of the more common and popular special characters and the keyboard shortcuts to create them. Xp pen driver windows 10.

Shortcut KeysSpecial Character
Alt+0176° (degree symbol)
Alt+0177± (plus/minus symbol)
Alt+0128(Euro currency)
Alt+0162¢ (Cent symbol)
Alt+0163£ (British Pound currency)
Alt+0165¥ (Japanese Yen currency)

Additional information

Grass Valley EDIUS Professional Keyboard with an adjustable backlight providing on/off and 5 brightness modes.

Professional, high quality keyboard displaying 140 functions of Grass Valley EDIUS.

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The LED backlight iluminates the semitransparent keys with nearly no light spill providing an ergonomic handling under any surrounding light condition.

Designed for EDIUS Pro 8/9/10 and EDIUS Workgroup 8/9/10
Color: black with colored keys (sorted by function)
Connections: USB, incl. 2x USB 2.0 Hub
Manufacturer: LogicKeyboard, Design: magic multi media GmbH