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Using ROBUSKEY in EDIUS for great green or blue chroma key results

Link: Download the 30 days trial version of Robuskey for EDUS 7 und 8 (11,6MB, zip) (Tip: If you want to use Robuskey in EDIUS 8 but own already a full version of Robuskey for EDIUS 6.x or 7.x, just install the trial version and activate it with your licence key) Link. Chroma Key Pro also includes a drop shadow function for adding depth to your shots and outline effects for highlighting your subjects to make them 'pop.' Features include range, sensitivity, spill control, garbage matte, and scaling. The Chroma Key Pro plug-in works with a wide array of 64-bit Mac- and Windows-based NLE systems. NewBlue Chroma Key Pro v3 (Mac) Toggle menu. Free shipping on orders over $75. Search (888) 542-8941 Mon-Fri 9-6 PT. Grass Valley EDIUS 7 & 8; Adobe After Effects.

ROBUSKEY can be purchased as a plug-in for EDIUS at www.isp.co.jp

1. Place green or blue clip above a background video track

2. Drag Green or Blue ROBUSKEY keyer to green or blue clip, if green clip, use green keyer

3. Double click the keyer in the EDIUS info palette

4. Use the color picker to click the green in EDIUS timeline monitor and configure edge blur if desired.

5. Close the keyer and drag the layouter in the info palette to the lowest position, this will allow you to crop, position, size or add drop shadow to the key without any unwanted edges appearing, so no more need for a rectangle tool



Edius 8 Chroma Key Download


Sap user manual. 6. In case you have a badly lit green or blue background, you can still get a great chroma key by using the included alpha keyer. Drag the ISP Clip Alpha to the green or blue clip

7. Double click, then using the color picker, click the green or blue on the EDIUS timeline monitor, then close

Edius 8 Chroma Key Plugin

8. This will create an enlarged green mask, removing all unwanted badly lit green or blue

Edius 8 Chroma Keyboard

9. Now apply the Green or Blue keyer and click the remaining green with the color picker, then perform all steps as in Step 4

Note the correct stacking order in the info palette

View some real green screen production examples using still or moving backgrounds