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makerom is a tool which can be used to create NCCH, CCI, and CIA files.

  • 9) Run the 3DS to CIA exe program once again. Click 'Convert 3DS ROM to CIA' and select your 3DS ROM, the.game id.Main.exheader.xorpad file, and the output CIA file. 10) Click 'OK' at the final prompt. 11) Wait for the conversion to finish. This would take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. 12) Click 'OK' to the messagebox that says.
  • 3ds to CIA converter (Download and use ) very easy. March 8, 2020 Games. 3ds to CIA converter this tool. It's extremely simple as well as does not use Python or.NET.

Select target format and click 'Convert'. 3DS conversion takes a few seconds. 📱 Can I use 3DS converter on iPhone or iPad? Yes, you can convert 3DS files from iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, because AnyConv 3DS Converter is a multi-platform web service. HOW TO CONVERT ANY ROM TO.CIA FILE (GB,GBA,GBC,NES,SNES,FAMICON) 3DS NSUI 2019Link To dowload: https://gbatemp.net/threads/discussion-new-super-ultimate-inj.

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  • 2Using Makerom
    • 2.1Command line

Format Overviews[edit]


Easy 3ds To Cia Converter

The native format storing code binaries and data archives for the 3DS is NCCH. NCCH files are comprised of:

  • code/exheader/plainregion (used for code execution) (plainregion just lists included SDK library add-ons)
  • icon (app title text, icon, homemenu settings, see here
  • banner (cbmd + cwav, i.e. the upper screen banner/sound shown on the homemenu)
  • logo (the splash screen displayed after an application is launched from the homemenu)
  • romfs (read-only filesystem used to store resources)

Typical uses for NCCH files include:

  • Executable image (code+exheader+icon+banner+logo+romfs)
  • e-Manual archive (accessed from homemenu) (romfs)
  • DLP child CIA archive (accessed from application) (romfs)
  • Update Data archive (romfs)
  • Standalone data archive (romfs)
  • DLC index archive (icon+romfs)
  • DLC archive (romfs)


The native format for gamecard images is CCI and is a NCCH container format. CCI files are limited to containing 8 NCCH files, and can contain NCCH files for applications titles only.

NCCH configuration for CCI[edit]

Executable imageYES0
e-Manual archiveNO1
DLP child CIA archiveNO2
Update Data archiveNO7


The native format for packaging NCCH files for install is CIA, which is also a NCCH container format. CIA files are limited to containing 65535 NCCH files and can be used to contain NCCH files for any title type. CIA files also contain signed data used by the 3DS for general title management and DRM. Installing custom CIA files on a 3DS which also uses eShop/SysUpdates is unwise as conflicts will likely occur.

NCCH configurations for CIA[edit]

Applications (Application/DlpChild/Demo/Patch/SystemApplication):

Executable imageYES0
e-Manual archiveNO1
DLP child CIA archiveNO2

System Applet/Module:

Executable imageYES0

System Data Archives:

Data archiveYES0


The number of DLC data archives in DLC varies for each DLC.

DLC index archiveYES0
DLC data archiveYESVaries

Using Makerom[edit]

Command line[edit]

General Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-f <format>'ncch'/'cxi'/'cfa'/'cci'/'cia'Specify the output file format. 'ncch'/'cxi'/'cfa' has no affect, probably parsed without error for legacy support.
-o <path>Valid file path.Specify name/path for output file. Makerom will decided a name if this is not specified.
-vnot requiredEnables verbose output.

RSF Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-rsf <path>Valid file pathSpecify the path to Rom Specification File(RSF). See below for creating RSF.
-D<NAME>=<VALUE>This is used to substitute where '$(<NAME>)' exists in the RSF files with '<VALUE>'. (Uppercase isn't a requirement)

Crypto Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-target <target>'t'/'d'/'p'Specify key-chain. This affects encryption, signing and '-desc' template availability. t=test, suitable for homebrew. d=devkit(incomplete), suitable for devkits. p=retail(unusable), suitable for signing retail software?
-ckeyid <index>Any value between 0-255 (inclusive).Overrides the default common key used to encrypt CIA title keys.
-showkeysnoneDumps loaded key-chain to stdout.

NCCH Build Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-elf <file>Valid file pathSpecify ELF. See below for creating ELF.
-icon <file>Valid file pathSpecify icon.
-banner <file>Valid file pathSpecify banner.
-desc <apptype>:<fw><apptype>='app'/'ecapp'/'demo'/'dlpchild'. <fw>='kernel version minor'.Use a template for exheader/accessdesc. These are hard-coded, so not all firmwares have a template. A value from 1-7 can be used in place of 'kernel version minor'. A template shouldn't be used if the title needs 'special' permissions, the RSF must be configured fully.
-exefslogononeInclude logo in ExeFS. Required for usage on <5.0 systems.

Arguments useful for rebuilding a NCCH file:

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-code <file>Valid file pathSpecify decompressed/plaintext exefs code binary.
-exheader <file>Valid file pathSpecify plaintext exheader binary.
-logo <file>Valid file pathSpecify logo.
-plainrgn <file>Valid file pathSpecify NCCH plain-region.
-romfs <file>Valid file pathSpecify an unencrypted RomFS binary.

CCI Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-content <path>:<index><path>=Valid file path. <index>=Any value between 0-7 (inclusive)Include a built NCCH file in the CCI container. '-i' can be used instead of '-content'.
-devccinoneBuild a debug CCI?
-nomodtidnoneDon't modify the TitleIds of NCCH files included to match NCCH0
-alignwrnoneAlign the offset for the Card2 writable region to the end of the last NCCH in the CCI.

CIA Arguments

ArgumentAcceptable valuesNotes
-content <path>:<index>:<id><path>=Valid file path. <index>=Any value between 0x0-0xFFFF (inclusive). <id>=Any value between 0x0-0xFFFFFFFF (inclusive)Include a built NCCH file in the CIA container. If <id> isn't specified, it will be generated randomly. '-i' can be used instead of '-content'.
-major <version>Any value between 0-63 (inclusive)Specify the version major for the title. This cannot be used with '-dver'.
-minor <version>Any value between 0-63 (inclusive)Specify the version minor for the title. This cannot be used with '-dver'.
-micro <version>Any value between 0-15 (inclusive)Specify the version micro for the title.
-dver <version>Any value between 0-4095 (inclusive)Specify the or '-minor'.
-dlcnoneSpecify this flag when building a DLC CIA.
-randnoneUse a random title key to encrypt CIA content.


General examples:

Create CXI

Create CFA

Create CCI

Create CIA

Makerom supports building a NCCH file and including it automatically (as index 0) into a NCCH container:

Create CCI and CXI at the same time and include a CFA

Create CIA and CXI at the same time and include a CFA

Rebuilding CXI:

Creating RSF files[edit]

3ds Cia Converter

Inspired by Nintendo's format for their makerom, a yaml configuration file is required for creating NCCH files. CIA/CCI can be created without using a RSF file, but default settings will be used.

For CXI, RSF files can be used to specify permissions, and access control settings. Microsip update. Makerom can use default settings by use of the '-desc' option, which removes the requirement for specifying them in the RSF file.

3ds To Cia Easy Converter

Sample RSF to be used with '-desc': download (link broken)

Sample RSF to be used without '-desc': download

Creating ELF files[edit]

The latest devkitARM used in conjunction with ctrulib can create ELF files compatible with makerom.

ELF files that are created using the official SDK are also supported by makerom.

Compiling Source[edit]

For Windows a MinGW-W64/MSYS build setup is required.

For Linux, gcc/g++/make must be installed.

All additional libraries used by makerom (polarssl/libyaml) are included in the source, and are linked statically.

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