Download Images From Icloud To Mac


Step 1 Open Finder and click 'iCloud Drive', and locate 'Documents' folder in iCloud Drive. Step 2 Click 'File' in the menu, select 'New Finder Window', and navigate to your local 'Documents' folder. Step 3 Select all the files in iCloud Drive Documents folder, drag and drop these files to your local Mac Documents folder. Download iCloud Photos to PC/Mac from It is a quite easy and convenient way to log in.

  1. Download Photos From Icloud To Mac 2018
  2. Download Icloud Photos To Mac
  3. Download Pic From Icloud To Mac
  4. Open Icloud On Mac

Apple has a fantastic storage option called iCloud to save our precious documents, photos and many more in their cloud storage. The free plan allows you up to 5GB of space and whereas the paid subscription model lets you use 50GB, 200GB and up to 1TB of online storage.

Download images from icloud to imac

Download Photos From Icloud To Mac 2018

Most of the people are using iCloud service to save their memories. Yes, all your photos on your iPhone are automatically uploaded to iCloud service when you enable the option. It is the best option to save and backup the photos and it lets you download on any other platforms if you want.

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If you are planning to download iPhone photos from iCloud to your Mac, then you are in the right place. In this tutorial, you will know “How to download iPhone photos from iCloud to your Mac“.

Download Icloud Photos To Mac


Download Pic From Icloud To Mac

How To Download iPhone Photos From iCloud To Your Mac

Open Icloud On Mac

To download your iPhone photos from iCloud follow the below steps.

Note: If you are login for the first time on the Mac, it will ask for the authorization. Enter the code sent on your other Apple devices and tap on allow the option to authorize.
    1. Open iCloud website on you Mac.
    2. Log in with your Apple ID which is used on your iPhone and then click next button.
    3. After opening the iCloud Dashboard, click on “Photos“.
    4. Now you will see your iPhone photos on the iCloud user interface.
    5. Here, you can navigate the albums and media types on the left pane.
    6. Now click on the photos and highlight them to download.
    7. Here, click on the download button at the top of the screen to download the selected photos from iCloud on your Mac.

That’s it. Now you can download the iPhone photos on your Mac without any hassle. Let us know your experience while downloading the iPhone photos from iCloud on your Mac in the comment section below.