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  1. 3d Shader 3.0 Video Driver
  2. Gpu Shader 3.0

The Dynamic Shader Linkage 11 sample demonstrates use of Shader Model 5 shader interfaces and Direct3D 11 support for linking shader interface methods at runtime. The HDRToneMappingCS11 sample demonstrates how to setup and run the Compute Shader(CS for short later on), which is one of the most exciting new features of Direct3D 11. Ps30 - Direct3D Shader Model 3.0 fragment profile for DirectX 9. Synopsis ps30 Description. This Direct3D profile corresponds to the per-fragment functionality introduced by GeForce FX (NV3x) for DirectX 9. The compiler output for this profile conforms to the textual assembly defined by DirectX 9's Pixel Shader 3.0 shader format. Shader Model 3.0 General information about Microsoft's Shader Model 3.0 as incorporated in DirectX 9.0c has been accessible for a while. Now, the basic parameters have been finalized.

3d Shader 3.0 Video Driver

Shader model 3.0 windows 10

Gpu Shader 3.0

Shader Models are components used to help render graphics sent from the CPU to the graphic card. The version of shader model your computer can support is based in the combination between your DirectX version and the version your graphics card can support.
It is important to always have your DirectX updated to the latest version you can do so by clicking here: Download DirectX
Please note DirectX versions prior to DirectX 8.0 do not support shader models
• DirectX 8.0 - Shader Model 1.0 & 1.1
• DirectX 8.0a - Shader Model 1.3
• DirectX 8.1 - Shader Model 1.4
• DirectX 9.0 - Shader Model 2.0
• DirectX 9.0a - Shader Model 2.0a
• DirectX 9.0b - Shader Model 2.0b
• DirectX 9.0c - Shader Model 3.0
• DirectX 10.0* - Shader Model 4.0
• DirectX 10.1* - Shader Model 4.1
• DirectX 11.0* - Shader Model 5.0
*DirectX 10.0 and higher will not run in Windows XP
Please remember that your version of Shader Model doesn't just rely on DirectX, but also the hardware version of your graphics card. So if your graphics card only supports up to version 2.0, and you have DirectX 10.0 installed. You can still only play games that support up to Shader Model 2.0
The best way to tell which version of Shader Model is supported on your graphics card is to visit the manufacturer's website and inspect the specifications of your card. If you still have to box the card came in, it may also say on the back of the box.
Bounty Hounds Online has a minimum requirement of Shader Model 3.0, so if you do not meet that requirement you will get the error message 'ERROR: Does not support Shadel Model 3.0'.
If you are getting this error, then please update your DirectX, if you have the latest version of DirectX then unfortunately you do not meet the minimum requirements to play Bounty Hounds Online.