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[better] tib to virtualbox converter. Boot TIB to Virtual Box. Tabcit asked on 2013-09-15. Virtualization; Acronis; 5 Comments. Last Modified: 2016-10-27. I have a tib image. I would like to practise and actully export it to.gho. I figured I could boot the image into a virtual PC. If there is a software that can change tib to gho or vice versa that would. All the files are in.TIB format, is it any way to load it or to convert these files to Virtual Box or Vmware Server? How to convert backup archive (.tib, Acronis) to VHD or VM. If you think its OK, then try to select file on VirtualBox shared folder. I made an Acronis boot-able recovery ISO image file. Created new VM with virtual IDE, dynamically allocated VDI HD image drive. Added IDE CD/DVD virtual drive and linked it to Acronis recovery boot-able image. Installed expansion pack to enable USB 2.0 capability. Started VM into Acronis Recovery Manager. Attached external USB HD with Acronis.tib image.

Kadala Bloodshard average cost. On average, you can expect to see the item once per this amount of bloodshards spent. Only 4 out of 5 people will have the item after spending this amount of bloodshards. Peterpaulruben's D2X/1.11 Blocking Calculator. Base Shield Blocking%: Remember that shields block at different rates for different classes. Total + to Blocking%: Includes magic bonuses and Holy Shield: Character Level.

The following items were all the rarest to drop, all set to 1/10th rarity, prior to Patch 2.1.2, which boosted all the drop rates of these items to the next tier at 1/5. (One exception: The Star of Azkaranth was initially set to 1/50 drop rate, the only item with such scarcity in the entire game.) Jewelry: Legendary Rings: Focus, Restraint. The chance to drop is generated based on the values in the prob1-10 columns (this includes NoDrop). Lets say you have NoDrop set to 100, and the probability for items 1-3 set to 25,50 and 100 respectively. Sum = 100+100+50+25 = 275 Chance of no drops: 36.5% (100/275) Chance of item 1: 9% (25/275) Chance of item 2: 18% (50/275). First of all I am new to all the modding of diablo files the extent of my ability before all this was to make things with hero editor but now I have my own private closed server and I am trying to edit the experiance rate from 1024 to 10240 I used mpq veiwer and pulled the experiance.txt opened it in d2excell changed what I needed to change.

Standard 1.13 with better drop rate/qol changes
Mod Maker: JustinYummy
All monsters have a higher chance of dropping higher treasure class items.
All bosses (Andarial, Baal, etc) and minor bosses (Summoner, Izual, etc) have a much higher chance of dropping unique and set items. (Except High Council which has about 30% less unique/set drop rate)
Hell Diablo can drop the same items Hell Baal can. (Fathom, Griffions, etc) (Baal has a near double chance of dropping TC87 items however)
Hell Mephisto can drop everything except TC87 items
Upgraded the chance of uniques dropping for Act 5 super CX bosses (ex: pindleskin)
Halved the odds of finding Nokozan, Manalds, and Nagelring.
Removed gem requirements for upgrading runes
Only two runes are required to upgrade to the next level rune.
Greatly increased the drop rate of high runes. (All high runes have the same chance of dropping as an Ist rune normally did in vanilla d2 from monsters)
Diablo 2 Drop Rate CalculatorChanged rerolling magic items to 2 perfect gems instead of 3
Changed repair+recharge to any flawless gem instead of chipped/flawed
Removed the need for town scroll for unsocketing items with hel rune
Prefixes for +1 skill prefixes (the ones skill gcs use) have been increased by 6x
Grand Charm drop rate increased 3xTreasureClassEx.txt File Guide
By Nefarius
Treasure Class: This column defines the ID pointer (“the name”) of the treasureclass.
This pointer is used by other files (and fields inside this file) to link to a specific line.
An ID pointer must be unique, if you have two identical ID pointers the game will always use the first occurrence and ignore all others.
Fields of this type are (almost always) case-sensitive. Files that use this ID pointer: MonStats.txt, SuperUniques.txt and TreasureClassEx.txt
Group and Level: These two columns go hand in hand.
The first is used to group several treasureclasses together to form a “super-treasureclass”, the second one then gives each of these lines a level.
The game will then use this to automatically attempt to balance the item drops according to the level you have put inside the second column.
For example: if you give a level 10 monster a treasureclass, it will pick the treasureclass with the nearest level.
So if you have one with 10 and another with 20, it will pick the first over the second, even if you linked the monster to the second treasureclass.
Picks: This column has two different functions, depending on the type of values you enter (either positive 0-6 or negative, -1 to -6).
In the first case this is used as the number of loops to run the “pick drop” routine, in the second case it is used to determine exactly which items, and how many of each, to drop (see appendix).
You cannot make the game drop more then 6 items with either method without code editing (there are other txt based methods to drop more then 6 items though).
Unique, Set, Rare, Magic: This is used to manipulate and fine-tune the drop ratio of items of the respective quality. Listing the whole “quality” calculation here is not necessary as this has been covered in many places, just know that the way this column works is:
if treasureclass-manipulator NoDrop – Probability for “nothing”, I.E. just like all other items droppable by a treasureclass, this simply defines the probability of “nothing” to drop.
Item1-10: The different items and treasureclasses linked to this line (“what it can drop”).
This can either contain item codes, item pointers (=the “names” of unique items and set items), auto-treasureclasses (see ItemTypes.txt or appendix) and other treasureclasses.
There are several special modifiers for this field that are supposedly enabled in 1.10, I have not used any of those myself so I don’t know if they work.
For gold drops, you can use the mul flag to increase the number of coins in a gold pile (this is why bosses and champions always drop more gold then regular monsters).
Prob1-10: This is the individual probability for each of the drops defined in the Item1-10 columns. (see appendix)
SumItems, TotalProb and DropChance: These columns have no purpose other then being used as comment fields (that’s what blizzard has used them for if you wonder what those values in some of them mean).
Term:Diablo 2 Drop Rate Calculator This column is required to terminate the line if you’re using M$ Excel or another spreadsheet that likes messing up the table borders.
Never replace or move the gold row around, the game needs this row to define gold drops (such as when you drop gold from your inventory AFAIK).
The chest rows are also accessed by code, albeit I am uncertain via what method, because it is definetly NOT via an ID, because one can move them around w/o any bad effects.
The auto-treasureclasses are used to group all items of a specific item type in a range of automatically generated TCs, such as armo3-99 and weap3-99. These TCs are softcoded in 1.10 and are now controlled by the TreasureClass column in ItemTypes.txt (thanks to Paul Siramy for pointing me in the right direction).

Diablo 2 Drop Chance Calculator

The chance to drop is generated based on the values in the prob1-10 columns (this includes NoDrop). Lets say you have NoDrop set to 100, and the probability for items 1-3 set to 25,50 and 100 respectively.
Sum = 100+100+50+25 = 275
Chance of no drops: 36.5% (100/275)
Chance of item 1: 9% (25/275)
Chance of item 2: 18% (50/275)
Chance of item 3: 36.5% (100/275)
If the picks column contains negative values then the Prob1-10 columns are used as quantity indicators instead.
For example:
Picks = -6
Item1 = 2
Item2 = 1
Item3 = 3

Diablo 2 Drop Rate Calculator Estimate

This will make the game drop 2,1 and 3 of these items respectively.

Diablo 2 Drop Rate Calculator 2019

Nefarius wrote:The game builds up auto tcs automatically (as the name implies), from all items that have armo somewhere in their itemtype chain.
That means all entries in armor.txt are covered by the armo3-99 auto TC.
qLvl = level in armor.txt
So cap, sash, leather glove, quilted armor et alia are armo3
Sacred Armor and alia would be armo99 etc.
armo3-99 contains each item with rarity greater then 0 from this file, in steps of 3. (3,6,9 .. 93,96,99)
armo3 contains items with qLvls 1-3
armo6 contains items with qLvls 4-6
And so on and so forth.

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[url=https://d2mods.info/forum/kb/viewarticle?a=368&sid=d36f7f93a5dcf5dfa9fb173a1aee15bb]Knowledge Base - TreasureClassEx.txt File Guide (totally new)[/url]