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Visiting the webpage on a Mac will cause Mail and Safari to freeze for a second, and the computer running them to slow down. But caused an iOS 11.4.1 device to only respring (boot the user to. C’mon, if you make professional sites the first thing you learn is that you will have a mainstream CSS, minor fixes for Chrome, some fix for Safari (or Safari Mac) and a load of fixes to support IE6 (still used in China guys), IE7, then odd stuff for IE8, exceptions IE9, just to discover that on IE10 there’s other problems.

What is this?

Browser hacks is an extensive list of browser specific CSS hacks from all over the inter-webs. CSS hacks are needed in order to solve problems caused by different browsers rendering.

How to?

Pick the hack you want. Copy it into your stylesheet. Add the style you want between the braces. Enjoy the new styles for the browser you targeted!


Please keep in mind using a hack is not always the perfect solution. It can be useful to fix some weird browser specific bug, but in most cases you should fix your CSS.

Firefox – Any Firefox browser hack

Media Query Hacks

Google Chrome and Safari CSS hack

Note :- Safari and Google Chrome are mainly the same, but sometimes behave differently, especially in forms, and fonts rendering.

Media Query Hacks

Opera – Opera 10 and above

Media Query Hacks

Css Hack Safari Mac Only Games

Internet Explorer / Edge IE 9 Hack

Note :- color: red9; Hack Works on IE9

Conditional comments

IE 10 only

Internet Explorer 10+, Microsoft Edge Browser

IE 10 and above

@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none), (-ms-high-contrast: active) { .ie10up {property: value;}

IE 11 (and above.)

Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge Browser


Microsoft Edge Browser 12+ (All) – @supports method

For more information on CSS browser-specific hacks please visit the following site: http://browserhacks.com/


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In the current situation it’s a challenging task for the web developers to build websites which is compatible with different and popular browsers available (like IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Google Crome, Opera etc…)

Css hack for safari mac only

Css Hack Safari Mac Only Download

Different browsers have their different ways of serving the web page content and may create problem while using some CSS properties to get a desired output. To avoid these kinds of problems there is are solutions which are called “CSS hacks” and which are also different for different browsers. Using CSS hack is not recommended as per the W3C validation rules but in some cases we have to use them to get our task done. I knew about CSS hack for IE, Firefox but I came across CSS hack for Safari which I was not aware of and as Safari is one of the mostly used browser in world so I think this information might help others as well to overcome from these kind of browser compatibility issues.

While working on one of my projects I faced a problem where Safari browser was not supporting one of CSS properties and was distrorting the layout, however, it was worknig fine in IE and Firefox. To fix this I had to use a CSS hack for Safari. Here is an simple example which you can test quickly and see the difference.

– Create an HTML file and name as you want, then copy and paste the following code to your file:

The page background will show orange in Safari 3+, Chrome and Opera (< 9.5) browsers. In all other browsers it should show pink. Gta games by hamzaall softwares free.

– Now try opening the file in Firefox/IE and Safari and see the difference. The page background is different in Safari from the background shown in IE.

If you look in web for CSS hack for Safari then you might find different ways like using body:nth-of-type(1) or body:first-of-type which can be used to apply specific CSS property for Safari but these properties are also supported by Firefox 3.5x.

So here the CSS hack I have used is “@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) ” and here are the few stpes how to use it:
– You don’t need write your entire class inside “@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){}”. As shown in the above example you can just write the required property that you want to apply for Safari. In the above example from the all of the CSS properties of body I want to only change the background-color for Safari so I just specified the CSS classname/ID and the property with different values.
– I also noticed one more limitation which you might need to be careful while using this is the way it is written needs to stay like this which means your new property needs to be written in between “@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){}” but if you are using any code minifier to minify your CSS file then it will try to remove the extra spaces used which will create problem and this property will not be effective.

Css Hack For Safari Mac Only

I hope this information will be helpful. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.